Sounds familiar?

This comment from someone calling themselves Bradford Lad came in yesterday as a response to Justice for Wellgate?, as you read this little piece readers will not be surprised at all when it finishes with a typical rhetorical flourish:

“The Precise allegations within this article seem rather obscure. What family? Which LP members? Which LP Councillors? You state ‘There are links between drugs, prostitution, illegal immigration, racketeer landlordism and some figures in authority.’ Such a statement implies Fact! Where is your proof?Yet you then within the same paragraph you then state ‘Rumours of criminality are rife within the local Labour Party.’ Rumours in my book are not Fact or indeed Proof! What Labour members are saying this? Where have you heard this? I am all for sorting out trouble in Gotham City but come on; a lot of scaremongering and nothing more. Moving on you state ‘That one cause of the violence is a turf war about drug distribution and one family’s efforts to corner the market.’ Again which family? I hope if you have such proof you have contacted the SYP and given them such evidence. You haven’t have you because you don’t have nothing but gossip and conspiracy. Sad really!”

Previously: There must be a better explanation for riots in Broom?

Remember the words of Sajid Bostan, they have “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”

3 thoughts on “Sounds familiar?

  1. It does indeed have a familiar tone to the rant!

    Could it be that a raw nerve has been touched?

    Let me think, who could it be?

    What is really sad is that the multi-cultural community that is Wellgate is being bullied by a minority of thugs and those who should protect the victims and lock the scum up are rubbish at their jobs.

    And as for the local Cllr, well past their sell by date.


  2. The writer misunderstands the core point of the article, which is that three months after a serious civil disturbance the residents remain in the dark as to what happened and what actions are being taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    In these circumstances it is highly likely that the public will fill in those information gaps. The Brad Lad is either naive or more likely somewhat arrogant in believing that people don’t have right to know what actions are being taken to keep them and their families safe.

    Or, I will put it more simply.

    If this “riot” had taken place on Clough Road, Akhtars home street, does anyone believe we would still be in ignorance as to what is being done? Would there be such slowness to act?

    And as for Brad Lad challenging the peoples paranoia. Well for ten years Akhtar denied the seriousness of child sex grooming, said that no Councillors knew about the failures to prosecute abusers. Then we read the Times and discover that at least one Councillor, Akhtar himself, knew about one very clear example of a perpetrator being allowed to go free.



    • The ‘Jessica’ handover must be investigated by the Independent Inquiry and Akhtar’s role fully explored along with that of the Police in this outrageous event.

      Until the people know the truth about Akhtar’s real role, in that and other similar cases over the years, it would be very difficult to explain to the voters of Rotherham West Ward that the Labour Candidate was to be Jahangir Akhtar for 2014!

      There are few left who think he should still be in the Labour Party, never mind being a Labour Councillor or ever returning to his former role.


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