Rehabilitation – In A Nutshell

If a politician is faced with a series of damaging revelations, in a newspaper for example.

A useful stratagem to employ, from the ‘Standard Handbook of Political Practice’, Chapter Six. Damage Limitation, Page 267:

Is for one to identify a crime, of which one has not been accused. Publicly claim you have been! Then make a song and dance about referring it to the Police for investigation and sit back and wait for them to clear you!

You then argue that you have been cleared of all wrongdoing, innocent as a newborn babe and you should be allowed back into the bosom of the Party!

Rehabilitation without any of the issues being investigated!

2 thoughts on “Rehabilitation – In A Nutshell

    • Try not to be too disappointed -out of drakness comes more darkness. Yesterday it was revealed that Paul Flowers the COop one-was investigated in 2004 and was exhonerated. Also today Tim Yeo (chair of the environmental select committee) after being filmed allegedy stating he could lobby the ministers in government to get their business promoted. He-has also been exhonerated.

      If you listen to Ed Miliband identify the rotten to the core monies donated to the Conservative party-which was laughed off by Cameron in the main buliding of the kernel of our democracy. So mr A and politicians are like their masters in London – all are hoodinis in the dark art of wriggling out of tight situations. It all depends what each has on the other-and just watch McShane’s saga. He has threatened to write a book -which considering he is under criminal offences and awaiting a trial -surely must be sub judiciary to be allowed to tweet such arrangements. Is it a subtle threat to send out awarning to the establishment what he will reveal if he is given acustodial sentence. Welcome to the dark art of politics and politicians when they are cornered.

      Alas it will all be ok though-as its not a rotten apple or two in the barrel -of our so called democracy, but looking for a clean apple among the Barrel of poisonous infested ones!

      Have a nice local and European election campaign but watch your backs and watch who you befriend.


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