Akhtar still has some explaining to do!

Despite being very publicly ‘cleared’ by the Police, Akhtar has yet to answer fully, the points made in the two posts that follow:

Andrew Norfolk Expose – In Full!

This gallery contains 8 photos

Andrew Norfolk Expose – Hard hitting Times leader article

These issues will, no doubt, be explored by the Independent Investigation and the legal proceedings against RMBC for their  failures towards ‘Jessica’ and others, currently in preparation. They cannot disregard Jahangir’s part in all of this, can they? When it is central to the issue!

2 thoughts on “Akhtar still has some explaining to do!

  1. I notice that the Times were very clear about this ‘inquiry’ and echoes the view of RothPol that he was investigated over something no one accused him of. this is from the BBC report.
    A spokeswoman for the newspaper (Times) said: “The police investigation into Mr Akhtar was carried out at the request of Rotherham Council.
    “The Times did not accuse Mr Akhtar of committing a criminal offence.
    “The article was an accurate report on a public interest matter following an investigation which highlighted failures by Rotherham Council to adequately protect children in its care.”
    I agree there are still a lot of unanswered questions that will hopefully be addressed by the independent inquiry.


  2. Akhtar has returned with an even more inflated ego, chest puffed out, strutting round RMBC like he owns the place.
    Councilors and Officers alike are hoping that the legal challenge and investigation into CSE will see him gone.
    Along with others he has some explaining to do on why RMBC turned a blind eye to CSE in Rotherham.
    Labour are in Paul Flowers damage limitation mode, do they really need a candidate with a criminal record for violence standing in Rotherham West?


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