How to make friends and influence people?

Rotherham Politics has documented previously, the rather nasty side of Jahangir Akhtar, AKA Agent Garbo, and his representative on Earth, GraldHunter AKA Donald H Buxton.

Their victims have included Roger Stone, Shaun Wright, Sarah Champion, Chris Read, Gerald Smith, Mahroof Hussain, Mike Sylvester, Emma Hoddinott, Dominic Beck, Ken Wyatt, Terry Sharman, Darren Hughes, Neil License, Paddy Cawkwell, Brenda Gunning and others. Disloyalty then, to his comrades, of the very worst kind?

As soon as Akhtar ‘temporarily’ stood down  as Deputy Leader to allow for the Police to investigate his non-crimes, Roger Stone the Leader started to park his Council provided car, outside the Town Hall once again.

Since then, Donald Buxton has again entered into correspondence with the Chief Executive about this issue. This time without result!

The very latest example of which, shows a considerable level of frustration felt by them both at their seeming inability to jerk Roger about on this occasion.

One really would have thought Akhtar would have needed all the friends he could muster?  But he doesn’t seem to realise the precarious position he is still in and insists on continuing his rather spiteful and extraordinarily disloyal ways.

Why did Roger let him back in? Why do his fellow Labour Group members tolerate him at all? In my day everything we have catalogued would have been enough to expel him from the Labour Party! A veritable ‘hanging offence’ even. Perhaps they know something we don’t?

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