News on the MacShane front

The ‘spin machine’ is also working overtime down in London, this time on MacShane’s behalf! Doing the rounds amongst the political chattering classes are these two interesting pieces of gossip.

piggy-macshaneHe is reportedly very annoyed at those he thought were his friends, for not supporting him publicly. And is said to be spitting feathers at having to utter the words, Guilty My Lord!

He is allegedly threatening to write a book about the expenses scandal if he goes to prison.

Presumably he is expecting the application of back stairs lobbying on his behalf?

Surely he doesn’t want to end up on a perverting the course of justice charge as well, if this lobbying should work?

Vicky Price, who is apparently ‘standing by her man’ knows all about that charge, should Denis need some advice!

Rothpols thanks for this information, goes to our London Reporter.

The whole story: The MacShane Files

8 thoughts on “News on the MacShane front

  1. If this posting is correct, it is a bit like the Curate’s egg for me. I don’t want MacShane to benifit from his crime if his book is successful but I would love someone from the inside to expose all the crooks in Parliament. Perhaps a spin off, if he did write a book, is that if he has got any real friends now, and I doubt it, he won’t have after publication.


    • To what effect?

      We already know about many wrongfil expenses claims which have not resulted in any parliamentary, criminal or electoral punishment. Would it do us much good to expose them all over again?

      I doubt it, but I am with you – I’d love to ready about them.


  2. The word “Typical” must speak volumes, or even “Gangsters without the tools.
    A bevy of back scratching and secret hand shakes makes it all O.k. and it all comes under the heading “PARLIAMENT TODAY”


  3. so a man employed by the citizens of the UK and placed in a position of trust … betrays that trust and steals from his employers (us) … and then when caught and rightfully punished, throws a hissy fit and decides to tell all about just how corrupt he and his cronies are… and expects us to give him money to read about how corrupt he and his cronies are and how they are ripping us off?


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