Spin machine in overdrive?

Breaking News: Akhtar was n Eastern Air tonight! Listen to it again, click here.

Readers should remember the words of a spokeswoman for the Times newspaper, upon the BBC learning of Akhtar’s supposed ‘clearance’ by the SY Police:

“The police investigation into Mr Akhtar was carried out at the request of Rotherham Council.

“The Times did not accuse Mr Akhtar of committing a criminal offence.

“The article was an accurate report on a public interest matter following an investigation which highlighted failures by Rotherham Council to adequately protect children in its care.”

One might be forgiven for coming to different conclusion, if one were to rely on the press reports alone.

We start with the BBC web report of 21st Nov 2013:

JA BBC 2013-11-24_134209

Now the Star of 22nd Nov 2013:

Star 22 Nov 2013-11-23_215147

A case of spin rather than substance? Read: Jahangir Akhtar is innocent OK!

No wonder Sajid Bostan would claim:

We’ve fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”

More to come later.

3 thoughts on “Spin machine in overdrive?

  1. It would appear, that our Jahangir Akhtar is trying to bounce the Labour Party in to running him as their candidate next May?

    They would be very foolish if they were to fall for this PR stunt!


  2. What a poor interview on BBC Radio Sheffield.

    Never listened to so much drivel in all my life, talk about brass neck.

    Akhtar will never step down, his snout is firmly stuck in the trough, what is he dragging in each year?
    It must be well over £50k.

    As for the press release from Hoddinott, hardly a ringing endorsement of Akhtar and no mention of him being the official Labour candidate for next year’s local elections.

    I hear that this week he will be out glad handing anyone who he thinks can influence the decision to secure his selection, the problem is that he is a political liability for Labour and the party knows it.

    Mud sticks, listen to the comments about him on the streets of Rotherham West, the ward is ripe for UKIP to snatch it from Labour with Akhtar as the candidate.


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