15 thoughts on “Vicky Pryce’s Views

  1. “practically everyone has broken laws” sounds like the pathetic “everyone does it” bleat used by MPs when they were fiddling their expenses – if this is the attitude of those at the top then where is the sanction against the rest of us struggling at the bottom of the heap – why should I pay taxes, respect others, not screw my employers/employees over, not abuse children, not beat my wife, ignore all the legislation that comes out of Westminster etc etc? That way lies anarchy.
    Not only that, this is a woman who perverted the course of justice and so tried to undermine a system that is supposed to protect the rest of us. Her behaviour was not only criminal it was criminality of the worst kind. Now she’s hanging round with someone who may go to jail for abusing public trust and common theft. Does she not realise that far from “not being a criminal” she has joined the criminal classes? She is a serial gangster’s moll? Why oh why is the Torygraph giving her the time of day?


    • She is a paid up neo liberal cognoscenti and therefore immune to bourgeois law. It is a growing problem of exemption from the constraints of a universal common law that is creeping. Exceptions have been made ‘communities’ that do not consent are relieved of the obligation to conform and the wisdom our ancestors bequeathed us over many centuries is being squandered before our very eyes.

      Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.


      • Rev,
        Remind me; didn’t that god of yours say something about “sinners”?
        Nobody deserves McShame.

        Whilst I never understood how someone with Ms Vicky Pryce’s limited academic cred. reached the heights she did in the Civil Service; and I felt her pop-economics book “Greekonomics: The Euro crisis and why politicians don’t get it” just didn’t get it. I feel t that her response to what her ex-husband is understandable within the context of “a woman scorned”. She is first and foremost a victim. I just wish that all ex-convicts were accepted back into society as readily as she has been.


  2. So if I lie in court I can become a celeb and sleep with fellow criminals? I think I will keep to my standards and morals and tell the truth.

    Message to Vicky Pryce; you’re a convicted criminal and a liar as well. Give Mr Akhtar a ring. You will be in good company and he may ask you for a date.



  3. Hi regular always enjoy your comments. I know God accepts sinners me included but not uncritically surely? Indeed while he “gives grace to the humble” he also “opposes the proud” as the good book qouths. forgiveness implies something needs to be forgiven. But I just can’t see much sign of “repentance”, ownership of the fault (“don’t call her a criminal” I am the victim here etc”) disassociation from the former way of life and corrupt circles, or most of all humility in ms Pryce. I am just as appalled by the way the media are treating her like some kind of celebrity, I suppose, than her original misdemeanours. But At least the apostle Paul had good grace to retire from public life for a few years before he went off on his book signing tours of the sunny med.


      • But what I was originally trying to express was my concern that Ms Pryce was getting criticism directed at her, here on Rothpol, for no reason other than that she is currently in a relationship with McShame. She has had no relationship with Rotherham, she probably doesn’t even know where Rotherham is.

        The whole Pryce/Hulne/Oakeshott/Briscoe story is really nasty, but it is a nasty London story, and not a Rotherham story -and we have more than enough nasty stories of our own.


      • The reason for publication, was to highlight the campaign to save Denis from jail, amongst the London chattering classes.
        It has been reported that Vicky takes every opportunity to advance that argument, therefore readers had a right to know what is going on.


      • MacShame is hardly mentioned in the piece, and it is hardly likely that the Telegraph has any sympathy for him; he has few friends, and certainly not in London.

        “It has been reported that Vicky takes every opportunity to advance that argument, … “[that he should not be imprisoned]. )
        Where and how has it been reported?
        Maybe a bit like the way someone called Fearne Cotton has been shoehorned into this true horror story: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/lostinshowbiz/2013/nov/28/ian-watkins-case-celebrity-lostprophets ?


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