Could it happen here?

The BBC has helpfully published this about a reduction in the number of councillors on Doncaster Met BC. Could we be in line for further reductions:

Donc cllrs down 2013-11-26_134240

7 thoughts on “Could it happen here?

  1. Why not?
    Too many councillors have spent too long riding the gravy train. I hope the residents of Doncaster redraw their electoral wards so the number of residents in each one is more or less equal.


  2. I made a recommendation to the RMBC Budget Consultation that One RMBC Cllr should be removed from each Ward ( along with the recommendation to get rid of the Area Assembly Meetings) Funny, I can not find it on their Blog pages anymore, I wonder Why ???.


  3. A sensible proposal Stuart but since when do councillors vote for redundancy among themselves?
    Councillors agree to cut the jobs of their workforce (aka ‘Reorganisation’) but never the jobs of the people digging their snouts in the trough. Even when a councillor has a criminal conviction.
    ‘Nuff said.


    • I’ve been reading the minutes of the more recent full council meetings – I’m really glad that Caven Vine and a few others are there (and I doubt any of them are in your Magnificent 4. ).


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