What’s the story? ten

Thanks to readers for spotting this, Rothpol can report on the latest addition to the Akhtar family property portfolio:

01_Scan27112013_00000Full story: What’s the story?

9 thoughts on “What’s the story? ten

    • Rothpol too admires those who indeed work hard and make something of themselves, but Rothpol is far from convinced that in the Akhtar’s, case this has any relationship with fact!

      Akhtar himself likes to make observations about others “living beyond their (visible) means.”

      Others are now posing the self same question of the Akhtar family business?


    • The only point you have made is the accusation that we are motivated by envy.
      This accusation is “wholly without foundation,” as the lawyers like to say.
      Sure you can do better than that!


  1. Tom Tom turn around as you have let yourself and any reasoned person down in your inability to argue articulate your spurious line of nothingness as a defense for a rogue,and not a likable one at that.


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