RMBC Payday lenders blocked by council

Thanks to our spotter, we can bring this to wider attention:

Payday lenders blocked

Our spotter also made the following points:

I’m not sure how to ensure that all pay-day-lenders are blocked/re-directed, why not gambling sites as well, why not rothpol?
Tricky even when you own all the machines – it’s largely a matter of editing the HOSTS file then,  but you need a list of all of the lenders… and….

Down at the bottom is their Xmas deal

3 thoughts on “RMBC Payday lenders blocked by council

    • Actually Baidu is a good search engine, even tho’ it doesn’t search everywhere. But then neither does Google.
      I agree with your spotter that the gambling sites are far nastier than any of the payday lender sites.


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