So different last year?

Firstly a reminder from last year when a much greater sum was made available:

Mahroof Hussain and the Pak Supermarket scheme

Hi Riki, interestingly Mahroof Hussain has also tweeted in reference to Pak Supermarket scheme. Rotherham fund supporting vulnerable families who are struggling to provide food for families at Xmas is due to be approved at cabinet today. It will … Continue reading

This years paltry £25,000 is a fraction of last years amount, why?

Have they organised a better system this year, after the controversy last year over the monopoly position of the PAK Supermarket?

Why has this announcement come, almost as an afterthought, in a press release about an unrelated issue? Why so coy?

Answers to these questions, and many more, should be provided to assure us that this year they have the organisation in place to effectively assist those in need?

This is the press release in question:

Payday lenders blocked

2 thoughts on “So different last year?

  1. Last year we were informed that PAK supermarket was chosen because they had not had sufficient time to organise with other retailers and this was now being undertaken in preparation for the future (this year). So an allegedly struggling supermarket had a possible windfall of £80,000 thanks to their monopoly status in terms of this council tax payer funded scheme. Now, where is the coalition of retailers for this year? Were they ever contacted? How much did PAK actually make from last year’s scheme? Again, there were no answers to questions posed last year, who proposed PAK be the sole beneficiary last year? Who made contact and organised the possible £80,000 give away to this supermarket? Which other retailers were contacted?


  2. It is a well known fact counsellor Mahroof hussain is a very close friend of the owners of PAK Superstore.
    He does them favours and they do favours.
    What should be investigated is why taxpayers money is being used to fulfil favours.


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