More smoke and mirrors

This piece published in yesterday’s Star moves the story on:

Star 30 Nov 2013 JA

Not bad spinning when you think Akhtar was never accused of any criminality by anyone!

1 thought on “More smoke and mirrors

  1. The real difficulty for Labour is that Akhtar is damaged goods and they know it, so does the opposition.
    Not very scientific but telling, comments this morning from a number of Rotherham West residents in the Aldi on Park Street.
    “Him, it’s that Cllr who beat a bloke up”
    “Never see him, he only bothers with us when he needs our vote, won’t be voting for him”
    “Been in the papers recently, not good for a Cllr”
    “Went to see him about problem, not interested, useless, Foden`s OK”
    As I said not very scientific but an indication of what some of the locals think about Akhtar


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