Jim responds to Gerald

“In his posting on this website dated 28th November 2013 “Gerald Smith Response to Hilda Jack”, our Gerald stated, “She (Hilda Jack) identifies me as the agent for the Parish Council Elections of 2011. Please contact the Elections office to verify there are no agents for Parish Elections”. As a result of this comment, I checked with the Electoral Commission and found the following information, “Some candidates appoint an agent to help them and they can be appointed to take responsibility for the management of his/her campaign.”

Is this mis-information or a lie?

I then made a search of letters published in the Rotherham Advertiser and found this little gem from our Gerald whose letter published 12th August 2011 contained this statement. “I was agent for 13 Labour parish candidates and Borough candidate in the May elections.”

Is this mis-information or a lie?

On reading this particular letter further, I found it was written in response to what I consider to be a very magnanimous comment made by Paul Martin which was published in The Advertiser the previous week in which Paul stated, “I think not putting his name on it was an attempt by Cllr Smith to distance himself. But I don’t want a vendetta. I wouldn’t tar all the Labour councillors with the same brush because there are some very decent people, and some quite apologetic about the leaflet to me.” (Paul Martin is the man who is named in the scurrilous and dishonest leaflet published by Smith for which he received a police caution)

Smith’s response in his letter was, “Ex Cllr Martin mentions vendetta. He may have one against Labour councillors.”

I find this comment by Smith to be offensive, immoral and totally without foundation but hey ho, we are talking about Councillor Gerald (Liar) Smith here!

I appreciate I am no RMBC solicitor but my advice to Cllr Smith with regard to the May 2014 elections is, firstly do us all a favour and don’t bother as I’m sure the electorate of Holderness Ward are sick of your lies, mis-information and total corruption by now BUT if you decide to lie about any of your opponents in election literature, don’t just leave your name off, leave your address off too, it’ll be more difficult to trace you. Only an illiterate dimwit would do what you did!”

Jim Fletcher

3 thoughts on “Jim responds to Gerald

  1. I have already referred in a couple of posts to the apparent illiteracy in the local Labour Party that this dreadful leaflet (aka briefing paper) highlighted. This illiteracy seems to be in the reading as well as the writing spheres. Having progressed beyond Janet and John stage I am confident that when Paul says “I don’t want a vendetta” he is saying he DOESN’T want a vendetta and that there is NO vendetta. As Connie, the barmaid in The Pub Landlord would say, patiently as to a simple-minded child: “The clue is in the words, the meaning in them?”
    I know Paul and I am confident that what he says, he means.


  2. Like all slippery politicians, Gerald Smith, is apt to provide alternative explanations for events that change with time.
    He is such an oaf, if he thinks that readers will not notice or that we would not draw our own conclusions from this!
    Lying with conviction is a common trait among politicians! Gerald Smith is certainly guilty from this evidence.


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