10 thoughts on “Sexism on the Tory benches – Champion

      • Sexism is an important issue.
        Most commentators have just read Rothpol’s screen cap of the first bit of the BBC piece, and not clicked thru to the full article; and I doubt any of them have listened to the broadcast.
        Their comments are only informed by their own pre-formed prejudices, not by facts.

        What surprised me was that most of the phone-ins were about the repairs needed on some of the local roads.


  1. If anyone believes only Tory MP’s make rude and offensive gestures to female MP’s they are sadly out of touch. After Ed Balls’ abysmal speech in response to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement I suppose someone has to be the flag carrier for the discredited Labour party. It looks like Sarah has volunteered for the job.
    It’s a pity she cannot find one of the many pressing issues in Rotherham to publicise in the HoC.


  2. If anyone who has commented on this “story” had listened to the actual broadcast they would realise that the bit on “female assets” lasted for less than 5 minutes our of a 60 minute broadcast – and even then it was mainly Rony Robinson bigging it up.
    That the BBC turned it into the “Story”, is something that can only be laid at the BBC’s door.
    The broadcast is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01lg7bd the section with Ms Champion starts just over an hour in.


  3. Sexism – an sexism in Parliament – is an important issue – just because other issues exist in the country doesn’t mean it should not be addressed. We can all discuss CSE while discussing other things. Some people are so blinkered and don’t see the wider picture. Sexism – and how women are treated by a minority of men who misuse their power is part of the problem with the CSE outrage in Rotherham and beyond.

    I listened to the pod cast – CSE is covered in detail. But while CSE is the main issue in Rotherham there is a big wide world out there were other issues also have to be addressed. The bigotry displayed by the over grown school boys that infest Parliament shouldn’t be ignored. Then again I suppose many would prefer that any female suffering abuse should just shut up. They are wrong. The times are not a changing thy changed years ago.

    The incidents briefly discussed in the Podcast say all about the tory party’s rich white male ‘Godfrey Bloomersesque’ elite that I need to know. Bullies and bigots everyone of them – and the attitude comes from their ‘Calm Down Dear’ leader Cam the Sham. It also shows how weak the perpetrators and their supporters are. Coming on – picking on a woman just because she’s a woman – how manly – not.

    I’m tired of people saying gender based intimidation and harassment isn’t an issue in the Boys Club down in London, or at work, or at RMBC or at home. It is. It should be stopped not tolerated. Look here boys I lost my job and career because I spoke out about the cover up and fiddling of the figures at RMBC but that doesn’t mean I simply view one issue as being the only issue in this big wide world. I’ve got a fight in me whenever I see injustice in whatever form it takes. It’s called the wider picture.

    Come on what do you think was one of the root causes of the CSE issues in Rotherham? Unsure? Then I will tell you. A group of males seeing females as worthless and nothing more than commodities to be used and abused. Too many men (not all) see women as inferiors in every way; and too many men (not all) are so weak they think that abusing women in so many different ways makes them a man. It doesn’t – it makes them pathetic and weak. And dare I say inadequate.

    To any male who thinks it is acceptable for these dinosaurs to behave in such a manner I suggest they think how they would feel if their mother, sister, daughter or any female friend or family was treated in such a way. If they still think it is acceptable I suggest the visit a shrink to discuss their own personal issues with the female gender. Jesus – at times Rotherham is so 16th Century – note the date boys its 9th December 2013. The world has changed. Grow up.

    From what I have read some on here see this as just another chance to attack Sarah Champion. I would like to remind them that if they are involved with a political party, women do vote you know and in numbers.


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