Some Investigation Required?

Nearly a couple of months ago Rothpol published a letter they had received from an anonymous source.

This letter seems to have been authored by members of the Asian community in Rotherham and as well as displaying unacceptable fear of their elected representatives. It contains a series of allegations which, if true, would have very serious consequences down the line.

Those allegations in full. As far as is possible they are presented in the order they appear in the letter. Every entry below, it should be noted, should be assumed to start with ‘it is alleged that’:

  1. The authors live in fear of Akhtar.
  2. He and Steve Rogers conspired together to bend the rules for personal and family gain. 
  3. His own involvement with young vulnerable women in the 1980’s.
  4. He abused his sister and had violently attacked his brother in law.
  5. He has established total control of the Unity Centre, by bullying and harassment, to the benefit of himself and his family.
  6. He installed members of his own family to paid positions in the Unity Centre for which they were unqualified. No fair selection processes necessary.
  7. His son’s wife is running a business from the Unity Centre as a tenant.
  8. Oldest son was mysteriously installed as Chief Executive of the REMA Charity (Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance). a post for which he was unqualified.
  9. REMA was then moved into the Unity Centre of which he was simultaneously Chief Executive. Two full time 37 hours a week jobs together, how did he find the time?
  10. That Jahangir Akhtar is corrupt, violent, greedy, nepotistic, dishonest and has brought great shame to members of his own community and Rotherham as a whole.

So there we have it, I think? Quite a substantial list, if a reader should spot any serious allegation that has been missed, please leave a comment to let other readers know about it.

Many of these allegations are serious and should not be taken lightly as there are some allegations which, may amount to malfeasance and some that indicate more serious criminality still.

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27 thoughts on “Some Investigation Required?

  1. The question is why the letter was sent to rothpol and not Martin Kimber?
    If the writer has serious concerns then he/she should have written to the Head Honcho and demanded an enquiry.
    I applaud rothpol for publishing it but I doubt if any action will be taken.


  2. I have just checked with a friend who knows of a letter that is probably the same and has been circulated to a mix of of people in the LP.
    Apparently a cause of curiosity is the variety of recipients (ie not all were known figures in the party) and how the authors obtained some of the addresses. There is a suspicion the someone had access to internal Party mailing list.


    • If that is so, why on Earth was he allowed back? He must have such powerful information on others for him to get away with his behaviour and actions and believes he is untouchable.

      Does it add up to, Misfeasance, Malfeasance & Misconduct in Public Office?

      We require a proper investigation of the allegations, to establish the truth!

      RMBC should call in the Police to investigate these serious allegations, not wasting Police time investigating the non-accusations they referred to the Police last time!

      The culture of impunity is ending.

      No more cover ups in Rotherham, we have had enough of them!


  3. According to the first line “Nearly a couple of months ago Rothpol published a letter ” I doubt if M.Kimber is that slow to respond to these serious allegations whether or not they have any
    substance. I do not recall seeing this published elsewhere so I can only think the writer believes you have a wider-and better informed- audience!


    • For clarity, Rothpol was not a primary recipient of this letter, however it is evident that one of the recipients wanted it to be read more widely.

      Rothpol received it in electronic format, as displayed originally, and has no idea from whence it came!


  4. Hi
    Re contents published here about letter I probably heard a All this plus more as rumours so I can not confirm that all is true what I know that the bit about Unity Centre is true further I applied for post at the Centre which was turned down as not enough experience. I believe I am more qualified and experienced the both Mr Akhtar’s sons put to ghether. I also applied for member of the committee of Unity Centre some years back and I still waiting for a reply even after a few reminders. I also know that Mr Akhtar’s compaigned and financially contributed to an application i made to Council to supply Wheel Chair accessible vehicles as part of hackney carriages.
    The Unity Centre case should be investigated as this is public funds
    There are too many wrongs are happening the Borough Council such as ‘you scratch my back and sratch your back’ And ‘ what you know but who you know’
    To put right an external independent enquiry is needed including the child grooming issue as I believe that some young men are in jail while the real criminals are on free and our street and the failed authorities are still there as same as they were before


    • Please note that I meant to say that Mr Akhtar’s compaigned against and madras contribution to my application to council re wheel chair vehicles
      Many apologies


  5. It is a well known fact Within the Asian community In Rotherham. Fear and intimidation is used to gain support and votes during election time.
    Where there is smoke there is fire, These allegations must be taken seriously by the police.
    What you are reading is just the tip of the iceberg. The community is beginning to stand up against these acts Of intimidation and thuggery,Against the Pakistani community By these Men in power And their families.
    I believe Sarah Champion MP is a good person. I believe she will and should take this matter seriously.


    • I welcome your Paddy’s comments . REMA has been doing things wrong for a long time
      Cllr Maroof Bussain was appointed without job being advertised FIXED
      Next manager appointed FIXED
      Cllr Akhtar’s son appointed FIXED
      Office moved to Unity centre FIXED
      I do not think more evidence is needed


  6. From past experience dealing with Mr Kimber he tends not to reply without further prompting. If he does reply the investigations are piecemeal then the defences go up. To deal with Mr Kimber you need reliance and a great deal of the ‘avoidance’ shield. His first line of reply is ‘prove it’ . When you do show evidence it’s then semantics. His team are experts in drawing out communications and not answering issues. In addition they tend to disappear on holiday (several times) when you get to the crux of the matter. The RMBC guidelines on complaints are often ignored.

    As for Mr Akhtar’s reputation with many in the Asian community. My conversations with friend in the community indicate he is a bully. Recent replies I have had when saying I have provided information about him and his cohorts to RMBC include; “You’re brave he’s menacing when he wants to be”, “he’s a nasty piece of work and untouchable’ and ‘are you mad he runs Rotherham’. Luckily I am mad in a way; mad he is allowed to intimidate so many in his community and Rotherham and get away with it. Thankfully, there is nothing more RMBC can do to me other than hire a hit man. For my sins of outing the corruption I have lost my career and future in that career. Also thankfully I refuse to go away.My complaint will see the light of day in court, via an independent inquiry or other means once I get the nod form the barristers.

    My Mom always says true smiles cost nothing.She is right. But When Mr Kimber, his team or the guilty smile at RMBC beware: it’s a smile of arrogance thinking the are untouchable. Still those whom the Gods seek to destroy they first place upon a pedestal. That pedestal is rocking and about to fall. It may take a time to see the fall of Rome – but when that day comes it will be thunderous.

    Message to the HR at RMBC: buy some padding for your egos – this little lady is not going away.




    • Sally well said.
      Intimidation and bullying is how ASBO Operates. Other Asian councillors Use a different tactic. They tells their relatives and close supporters to intimidate voters during election time. But Akthar is face first, He is a very aggressive man who has a problem controlling his temper. He is right when he says to his community bow and they bow, not Because they support him, they are afraid of him.
      There really needs to be a police investigation.
      An appeal to all regular readers of rothpole. Do your own investigation, Ask members of the Pakistani community.
      What they think of Akhtar? Tell them your answer will be in complete confidence. You’ll be amazed how the Labour Party is using thugs to round up the Pakistani community in Rotherham to vote for Labour.


      • “the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself” Roosevelt’s inaugural speech.

        It is time to shake off the yoke of fear! No one should dominate their own community in the ways Akhtar has done.

        Anyone who wishes to break free of his tyranny can help put an end to it! At least let Rothpol know what you know. I can guarantee complete confidence, if required.

        Please email either by clicking on this link, or if that doesn’t work for you, cut and paste the address in your email App.


      • I dont think voters are bullied or intimidated. It is the biraderi/ clan politics at work where like some trade Unions the bloc vote is cast.
        It would be interesting at the next local elections where these goons are likely to be dumped by the the same biraderi bloc vote who are in open rebellion and in disgust at the self-appointed community leaders antics and denial at CSE.
        Biraderi loyalty has boundaries and limits. When it comes out that the goons knew what was happening and may helped to cover it up then alot of shoes will be directed at the goons from the biraderi/clan.


  7. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    Those words mean as much for us now in Rotherham, as they did for Burke, when they first came to him.
    It is time to bring this village tyrant to book!
    The way to do it is with information, if you have relevant information, it is perhaps your duty to supply it.
    Together we can free ourselves from his bullying and harassment, by taking his power away. The power of fear will go for good, once confronted head on!


    • Majority of the Pakistani community in Rotherham Are hostage to these tyrants. They should all get together, To defeat these bullies.
      This day and age we all have mobile phones with cameras and audio recording devices. This is a great way of collecting evidence ( Although I am not sure about the legality). Then this evidence can be presented to the police And media.
      Even if the bullying and intimidation is done by their followers The police need to know. It seems like they are targeting the Respect Party the most with intimidation. Because they believe the Respect party will take there votes. Last year during the by-election, Yvonne Ridley was Verbally abused by these Bullies. Only because they felt the Respect Party was gaining popularity. The Labour party should investigate these allegations.


  8. Jahangir Akhtar seems to be reluctant to have any of the allegations contained in your post investigated.
    He only seems to want investigations into things he was never accused of!
    Akhtar should do the decent thing and refer himself for a thorough investigation of all of these matters?
    Holding breath would, I suspect, be ill-advised!.


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  10. A complaint needs to be made to the Police but then SY Police have to be investigated for their own misconduct. There is a national website for reporting fraud but hopefully it will not pass to SY to investigate.
    Also information such as accounts of Unity Centre can be accessed from Charity Commission website to verify truth of some of the allegations.


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