Compare and Contrast?

Our correspondent from down south, the London End, brings us news of another councillor’s outrageous behaviour.

Labour Council Leader Cllr Chris Roberts, Leader of Greenwich, this time. After his antics have outraged local opinion and there is mounting pressure for him to go.

I need not remind readers that we have a Deputy Leader whose own personal conduct makes Chris Roberts look saintly by comparison?

Cllr Chris Roberts

7 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast?

  1. Why is the Labour Party so poor at dealing with those that bring it into disrepute?

    No wonder that trust in Labour in Rotherham is at an all time low.

    They can go some way to restore their reputation by making Akhtar and Smith history!

    The people demand nothing less of the Labour Party.


    • Yes, it p…s me of as well, but then I ask myself …
      1. What percentage of party position-holders bring their party into disrepute:
      1a. Labour ?
      1b. Tory ?
      1c. Lib-dem ?
      1d. UK IP ?
      Power corrupts.


      • It is not about ‘party position holders’. This concerns the failure of-mainly-Labour councils to A) Admit Asian sex grooming gangs exist and B) Fail to take any meaningful action to ensure these vile crimes are stamped out.
        Our own PCC displays a woeful inability to take immediate and affirmative action. The Ch.Exec. of RMBC Martin Kimber has not displayed any leadership qualities in the case of Akhtar. Nothing was published so how does Kimber expect Rotherham voters to have any faith in a process conducted in complete secrecy?
        Rochdale, Bradford and Rotherham. All controlled by the Labour party. The same Labour party that refuses to conduct in depth investigations into CSE in these towns simply because Asian residents are involved and they do not want to lose their votes nor do they want mouthy muslims screaming about racism.
        Milliband and his Bollinger Bolsheviks need to grow a pair and get to grips with this problem.


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