Karl Marx. Is his Communist Manifesto relevant today?


ROTHERHAM MARXIST DISCUSSION GROUP 2nd DECEMBER – Topic, Karl Marx. Is his Communist Manifesto relevant today?

The meeting was addressed by John Dunn (ex. Miner), whose initial contribution compared the accuracy of the polemic – written 165 years ago – with the attempts by other philosophers to discredit Marx, and portray the Capitalist system as the highest stage of development the human race will achieve.

The discussion developed into a point by point exposé of the utter failings of capitalism to develop society in general, and its inability to provide even the basic needs of the majority of people around the world, who are gripped in poverty and disease, whilst a small minority enjoy – and control – 99% of all the wealth, which is created by the majority.

Globalisation of capital, nation states no longer viable, and the impasse of the system to expand the world’s productive forces, and the organic downward spiral of capitalism; was predicted by Marx.

A good night’s “blather”!

Our next meeting is on the 13th of January 7.30 Bridge Inn. The topic will be – Workers Control. Do we need the bosses? All welcome.

Dave Platts.

12 thoughts on “Karl Marx. Is his Communist Manifesto relevant today?

  1. It is destroying western Christian civilisation as we speak. Cultural terrorism (political correctness) is a Marxist dogma that has amongst much else, bound the police in South Yorkshire to look the other way whilst one of its tenets, multiculturalism, is enforced. Human life and morality is nothing in comparison with socialist theory. As Eric Hobsbawm opined in the Miliband’s London front room whilst no doubt ruminating on their hatred of England and the English, the 120,000 000 Christians butchered in the Bolshevik revolution were a bump in the road.


  2. “120,000 000 Christians butchered in the Bolshevik revolution” is utter fantasy.
    The entire population of the Russia Empire had only reached circa 132 million at that time.
    Since you are only likely to believe something if you read it in the daily mail, try this version of the numbers:
    … and don’t assume that they all were all Chistians!


  3. What Marx wrote and what was practised in his name are entirely different things.
    Marx did not advocate the Gulags nor the regime of terror instigated by the demented dwarf Lenin and his successor Stalin.

    ‘the majority of people around the world, who are gripped in poverty and disease, ‘
    The speaker was also including North Korea in his speech I presume? Did he forget to mention the famines introduced by Stalin, Mao and the three Kim’s in North Korea? Or the failed policies in Somalia?
    Why do a large number of Cuban’s live in poverty? Why were the citizens of East Germany housed in poor conditions? Communism also failed in South Yemen.
    The ideology of Marx and the exported Russian version of communism were poles apart.
    People in Britain are free to believe in any political dogma they choose, unfortunately there is no successful Marxist-Leninist regime for them to emulate. China and North Korea have a class system, they also have bosses- political and business.
    Marx was a kept man, he had no experiences of work and having read Das Kapital it is obvious to me he came up with the answers and formulated his theories to suit them.
    Capitalism is not the best system but at the moment it is way ahead of the alternatives.
    (See Wilson, Callaghan and Brown-Failed)


  4. The failings of Marxism in practice do not, in themselves, negate the critique of capitalism given above. A system that produces such inequalities and insecurities for the vast majority of the world is, by all measures, a disaster. It simply illustrates the need for a different alternative – changed economic systems need to go hand in hand with changed human natures. That is why Christianity has outlasted Marxism and will outlast Capitalism. They preach “on every man, a new suit” while Christianity preaches ” in every suit, a new man”!!


  5. If anyone really believes that Marxism-Leninism appeals to the vast majority of people in Britain then ask everyone to permanently donate 5% of their weekly/monthly income to tackle inequalities around the world and see what answers you get!
    It is not so much human nature that needs to change. In Third world countries it is the rulers/dictators who need to change. Comrade Mugabe for example has billions stuffed away in Swiss banks but no one seems to criticise him for stealing aid money.
    Ever since I was at school in the mid and late ’50’s the African continent has held out the begging bowl. Where has all the money gone?
    The former USSR had to secretly import grain from the USA in spite of using the Ukraine as its grain bowl and mass collectivisation across the Soviet Union. Centrally planned economies do not work and state subsidies rob people of the incentive to do better.


  6. So Cubans live longer? What has that got to do with the quality of their miserable lives?
    Why do so many of them attempt to escape from there?
    As for my comment about Mugabe my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek, whether he has stolen millions or billions the creep is still a thief.
    Mugabe achieved the economic near impossible; he managed to turn his country from bread basket in to basket case.
    Another fine example of a centrally planned economy.


  7. ‘Cuba is lovely. You should visit’
    I have. I was there the month the Cuban Missile crisis kicked off. Cubans having to watch the psychopath Castro ranting on TV for 4 hours non stop. At the same time he cut dockworkers wages by 50% and his Fidelistas were walking the streets openly carrying sidearms (Very strange, they were nearly all carrying Colt 45 automatics) The Cubans swapped one dictator for another but Castro made sure he could never be kicked out of office. Russian ‘Advisors’ scurrying about and refusing to talk to or engage with Cuban peasants. So much for fraternity.
    Living a long life in poverty is not IMV preferable to living a shorter life in comfort, at least I have something to show for my labours and something to leave to my sons.

    Somalia: A potted history.
    The Somali Civil War began in 1991, when a coalition of clan-based armed opposition groups ousted the nation’s long-standing military government. A power vacuum and a period of decentralisation followed. In 2004 the Transitional Federal Government was formed. In 2006 Ethiopian troops assisted the TFG to take control of the southern conflict zones from the Islamic Courts Union. The ICU subsequently splintered into more radical groups, notably Al-Shabaab
    who have since been fighting the Somali government and its allies for control of the region.

    Southern Yemen:
    The Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen was a socialist state in the southern and eastern province of present day Republic of Yemen. It was one of the few openly Communist regimes to exist in the Arab World, It united with the Yemen Arab Republic in 1990. In 1994 South Yemen split from the north which resulted in the north occupying south Yemen and the 1994 civil war.
    Here endeth the lesson.
    Zimbabwe’s economic system is run by a command economy Under a command economy the government makes the decisions and owns the resources.The political system in Zimbabwe is totalitarian. Perhaps I’m a pedant. ‘Command economy’ or ‘Centrally planned economy’
    The difference in Zimbabwe is…………………….??


  8. Colin – quick note:
    ” I was there the month the Cuban Missile crisis kicked off. Cubans having to watch the psychopath Castro ranting on TV for 4 hours non stop.”
    October 1962!
    I’d love to hear your story of that time in more detail. I was still at uni then.
    You been back since ?

    … further comments must wait til tomorrow … but just one small point; my story of Somalia begins in 1977 at the time of the Somali invasion of Ethiopia… I was in Gode when the Somali army crossed the border.


  9. Colin, stop reading the Daily Wail, it is seriously effecting your ability to think straight.
    The problems in the African continent started when the European Capitalist class colonised it. Murder, rape, and mass genocide followed as they stole the land and looted every area after another. They then attempted to imposed their religion and morals on the natives and then carved the continent up into the nation states that we know today. European imperialism knew no bounds as it spread its greedy tentacles all over the world. Ironically, they called it civilisation and democracy!
    Cuba, since the revolution, has something like 26 American military bases dotted around its coastline – Guantanamo being but one. The Americans also imposed a trade embargo on Cuba – no goods in, none out. Any country breaking the sanctions would be barred from trading with the US or any of its trading partners: doesn’t seem very democratic to me, does it you?
    Russia is a very complex subject and probably too much for your bigoted perception. However, the mass Stalinist show trials and executions that took place were not inflicted on Christians – “120 million” or not – but were inflicted on Trotskyists. They reached a crescendo after the Spanish Civil war when returning soviet fighters returned to tell the treacherous role of Stalin.Trotsky’s family all suffered the same fate, and the greatest and bravest class fighter of our times was assassinated in Mexico later.
    We will discuss Russia and Stalinism in one of our meetings – all welcome.
    Dave Platts.


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