The RMBC Spin Machine In Overdrive?

This on the RMBC Website is a perfect example of spin over substance:

RMBC CSE Response 2013-12-13Readers might have missed the posts below that are relevant here:

Hook, Line and Sinker?

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This from the Advertiser appears to resemble the press release, practically word for word:

Falling for it?

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Three recent reports from the Star, Yorkshire Post and the BBC:

1 thought on “The RMBC Spin Machine In Overdrive?

  1. The only true and purposeful search for the truth will be undertaken by the girl’s solicitors or barristers when they start to dig into the records of those so badly let down by those in power in Rotherham. This will expose the true facts, people who knew what was happening and who chose not to act to protect those children. Kimber, Stone and co know this so they will try to settle out of court. Unfortunately for them, the sums involved in buying silence will be large. This will encourage others to come forward and so a chain reaction will be set in motion possibly costing the borough vast amounts of cash. I am looking forward to see how they solve this little problem. In the end the truth will come out but not through any of these whitewashes. The victims will have their day and the house of cards will eventually fall.


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