Those Recent Reports A Must Read – In Full

Grateful to our resourceful spotter for this important info.

These are .pdf files you can view print or save a copy to your hard drive should you want them for future reference:


Barnado’s Report

Police report

5 thoughts on “Those Recent Reports A Must Read – In Full

  1. When the terms of reference are set by the people who should be investigated…..well I ask you. Total waste of taxpayers money. Why didn’t they just get Roger Stone and Shaun Wright to put out a press release telling us how fantastic everything is, mention a few things to improve and shift responsibility onto others?


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  3. Actually that is what happened; then the Journalists couldn’t be bothered to read the actual reports and hence there wasn’t serious reporting of the Bernardo’s Review.


  4. Flabby journalism from the Rotherham Advertiser.

    Even a cursory glance at the report would have had even the most naïve, wet behind the ears cub reporter asking questions before going to print.

    A sad indictment on the depth and quality of investigate reporting in Rotherham, no wonder kids get abused in the town while politicians supported by the media keep the flow of information sounding positive!

    The ball back in the Rotherham Advertiser court I think, will they go for the ball or walk away?

    From their recent track record, best leave things alone, they will stick to reporting home made cake competitions.


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