Time for Heads to Roll; lies, damn lies & Committee Reports on Child Sex Exploitation

“Its ten years since the scandal of failures to protect children started to emerge in Rotherham. In that time we have had numerous perpetrators go unpunished, a young woman murdered & some of our streets turned into no-go zones with  numerous children abused.

Earlier this year the Home Affairs Select Committee into CSE said of Rotherham Council:

“When we took evidence…, they did not accept that there had been serious failings in the Council’s response in the past”.

“ ..we are concerned that the [Rotherham] Safeguarding Children Board appears to have been protecting rather than scrutinising its members.

The 2012 Ofsted inspection found that “there is a lack of effective professional challenge to senior management on operational and practice issues by the [Safeguarding Children’s Board.]

“So as we approach a new year have the officers and politicians learned to be open & frank, calling a spade a spade & facing up to problems to help identify solutions?

I have just read two reports; one by Her Majesties Inspector of Constabulary into CSE & the Police systems, and a review by Barnardo’s of the Council, along with a covering report from Officers.

Covering reports are intended as accurate summaries, aimed at those who can’t be bothered or are simply too thick to understand the full reports – these making up a significant group in the Rotherham Labour Party Councillor Group.

The officer’s report is web of deceit, with whole recommendations and serious criticism form the two reviews missing. The only conclusion can be that like the preceding press release it is an attempt to mislead the public into think that things are much better.

In other words the Council are still failing to take CSE and their failings seriously.

The reports & the Council’s covering paper must to be referred to the Home Affairs Committee as evidence that SYP & Rotherham Council remain criminally incompetent.

It is time for the Press, Councillors & public to read the actual reviews, not the Officers summary, and discover how senior officers and the Council leadership are deliberately manipulating the truth to protect themselves.

In my next article “Child Sex Exploitation: what they don’t want you to know” I will run through the things from the reviews that don’t quite make into or are obscured in the covering officers.”

Wil Ewart

Does any reader, have a .pdf of the 2012 Ofsted inspection Report?

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