Child Sex Exploitation & what they don’t want you to know: HMIC Report

“Points in the HMIC review of child protection services that either don’t make it into the accompanying officer‘s report or are misrepresented therein:

HMIC  “Staff within dedicated child sexual exploitation teams are not always complying with statutory child protection guidance. This means children may not be being protected effectively.”

HMIC “local resources – including intelligence teams – were not fully supporting child sexual exploitation investigations [‘were’ in this case means when they were investigating back in August 2013]”

HMIC “The force …planned ..audit of CSE cases taken on since June/July 2013, to determine if [there are] improved outcomes for child victims… have not started”.

The officers paper states; “ HMIC recognised the current Sheffield model as good practice and it was recommended that other areas follow their model”.

What HMIC actually said was: “While there are pockets of good and effective practice (most notably in Sheffield), the approach taken to tackling this kind of offending varies significantly across the force’s four districts”.

“The variations have also made it difficult for the force’s child sexual exploitation action plan to be implemented consistently.”

The officer’s report fails to mention the low levels of morale in the Police team dealing with CSE in Rotherham. ..“many staff in public protection and children safeguarding specialist units were working in crowded offices, were poorly equipped.

Staff within the public protection units at Rotherham … had considered reporting as sick as a result of the stress caused by high workloads.

The SYP haven’t appointed “human intelligence sources (CHIS) …. to gather intelligence in relation to child sexual exploitation….had not deployed CHIS handlers to debrief child sexual exploitation suspects in order to identify potential intelligence opportunities.”

Hi-Tech Crime Unit is used to provide intelligence on CSE perpetrators yet the  HMIC review indicates poor morale because of a decision to reduce salaries in the team by 25%.

HMIC state “This HR decision to reduce salaries calls into question the extent to which child sexual exploitation is a top priority for the force. This risks delaying current and future investigations.”

There is much more…but we only have so much time.

An analysis of the Barnardo’s report comes next.”

Wil Ewart

3 thoughts on “Child Sex Exploitation & what they don’t want you to know: HMIC Report

  1. I am grateful to Wil for the work he has put in to highlight the points above. It must have taken him a considerable amount of his time.


    • Rothpol is most appreciative of Wil’s work too, as I am sure, are readers.

      Analysis of this kind, takes an awful lot of time. It is however necessary, if the full picture is to emerge!


  2. The Officers Report is beginning to look like a monumental attempt to deceive us all?
    Little wonder then, when they allow our children to be abused to this day!
    Have they no shame?
    Moral compasses missing?
    Time for them all to be properly held to account!


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