The Barnardo’s Review of Council Practice in Child Sexual Exploitation; Bring on the P45s

 “We apologise unreservedly to those young people who have been let down by our safeguarding services which prior to 2009 simply weren’t good enough.”

 – Roger Stone, Rotherham Council Leader 04 September 2013

“We recommend that all key managers and Council members revisit the vision and strategy [i.e. Rotherham’s CSE Strategy] to establish if the original intentions are effective and delivering the expected changes.”

Barnardo’s Rotherham Practice  Review Report  7th  Oct 2013

I cite Roger’s reference to 2009 because yet again it illustrates the Council leadership’s absolute failure to see their own failings. He had to be forced to retract that date, just as he was forced to back down on an independent inquiry.

The two statements, plus a  press release & officer’s paper, seriously targeted at misleading again the people of Rotherham, evidences why he, Akhtar, Thacker & Kimber should resign.

They are so busily covering their political backsides through dodgy press releases & spreading disinformation that a regular, competent child protection service can never be delivered by them. They dare not face the truth.

With his 2009 date read on;

Assesment  is critical to identifying & proving abuse, as well as helping victims. Barnardo’s says that neither of the two assessment tools in use are working properly.

Her Majesties Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) states that  “staff ….reported difficulties with using the [ child at risk risk assesment tool]. ….officers and staff routinely apply their own professional judgement and raise the risk levels identified by the tool” i.e. ignore it because it’s useless.

Another hint that assessment & intelligence isn’t all it should be?

Barnardo’s : “This will also require clear staff training in how to complete the National  Police  5x5x5  intelligence  form  and  where  to  send  it.  The analysis of this intelligence could inform  future  police  operations. This is such a basic failing as to be inexplicable.

Also a statement by HMIC “local resources – including intelligence teams – were not fully supporting child sexual exploitation investigations.”

Put simply the methods for assessing risk levels for children are woefully inadequate…The Dodger said everything hunky dory since  2009, ummmm, what do you think?

Morale in the CSE  Team seems low & management  confused or so say HMIC.  Barnardo’s are a little more obtuse in their review:

The CSE Team are a little way from being fit for purpose Barnardo’s; “The CSE specialist co-located team is developing, with new members  …is not yet fully established and embedded”

And is clearly yet to be even completed as Barnardo’s had to recommend the appointments of an intelligence officer &  that “a named designated manager be identified to manage the day-to-day activities and shape service delivery.”

Hang on…Roger told us that in 2009 Rotherham entered a Golden Age of CSE prevention, prosecution & support for victims.

Yet as of October this year we have a strategy that isn’t very good, a CSE team that appears confused & demoralised, a lack of support from the police, unreliable methods of assessing the risk of individual children and lastly…..

The CSE Team don’t even have a manager.

Oh, and in compiling their review Barnardo’s failed to speak with HMIC who were compiling their own on pretty much the same subject i.e. the Council & Police aren’t really working together.

Sack Roger & his team of incompetents.”

Wil Ewart

2 thoughts on “The Barnardo’s Review of Council Practice in Child Sexual Exploitation; Bring on the P45s

  1. Thank you for yet another excellent post. These really should be going out to the local press agencies. You put the local journalists (so called) to shame!


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