Wellgate Riots – 3rd Class Policing for a 3rd Class Town

“One thing we also learned in the disorder is that if we can get people in court fast and get them sentenced it acts as a deterrent – it made people think twice”.

“They could see the criminal justice system responding and that sent a really strong message from society that this was unacceptable.”

———–Alison Saunders – Chief Prosecutor, Crown Prosecution Service on the National Riots in 2011.

It is now 4 months since the disturbances in the streets around the Wellgate/Broom Valley junction, and still no news of prosecution dates for those arrested (estimated at between 9 & 12 people.)

There are two reasons suggested for the disturbances; One being a long running dispute between two families, a dispute deep and unlikely ever to be resolved. This is the one being passed around by the Councillors, who want us to think it is just o bit of argy bargy between a few youth (over 100).

Of more concern is the allegation that it was a community response to efforts by one family attempting to take over the district, mafia style, in terms of criminality. There are allegations of drug dealing, organised prostitution, illegal immigrants and slave labour. If you walk around the area it wouldn’t surprise you.

There are allegations that Councillors are trying to deflect attention away from the real causes for reasons of personal corruption. That they are “leaning” on the Police, that among those arrested were either Labour Party members or their family.

The idea is that the Criminal Prosecution Service will find that evidence collection was inadequate and witnesses refusing to testify….hope not but we will see and 4 months,,,,?

True or false the Councillors can only blame themselves if people fill in the gaps when there is such a shortage of information & slow progress by the Police.

Has anyone seen a Councillor in the Tizer banging on about Justice for Wellgate.

No and nor will you.

Lastly, If there aren’t significant prosecutions (not just a couple of tokens) there will be a referral by a local action group (white & Asian) to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.”

Wil Ewart

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9 thoughts on “Wellgate Riots – 3rd Class Policing for a 3rd Class Town

  1. has anyone seen a cllr in advertiser banging on about justice for wellgate…. what about eastwood ?? just whats happened to the local cllrs full stop .


  2. It is true there is labour councillors who are actually backing these people up.
    We need a full investigation on asbo, luck duck and dive why there covering the main sponsors up for labour party.


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