CSE & Rotherham – Fixed by 2009?

The citizens of Rotherham have been repeatedly reassured by RMBC spokespersons and from press releases and public utterances of Roger Stone, as far as child sexual exploitation is concerned, the problem has been fixed and everything has been hunky dory since 2009.

This evidence gives the lie to those assurances, do they think we are all stupid?

The following is a report to Cabinet from 2010 demonstrating that the problems certainly are not fixed:

CSECabinet 28th April 2010 Page 1CSECabinet 28th April 2010 Page 2CSECabinet 28th April 2010 Page 3CSECabinet 28th April 2010 Page 4

Revelations come almost daily of the labour leaderships less than straight and transparent dealings on this issue that will not go away!

Cabinet Papers:

Attendance list, 2014 denotes up for re-election/booting out next May!

Councillor Roger Stone Chairman Present
Councillor Jahangir Akhtar Member Present 2014
Councillor John Doyle Member Present
Councillor Mahroof Hussain Member Present
Councillor Richard S. Russell Member Present 2014
Councillor Iain St. John Member Present
Councillor Terry Sharman Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Gerald Smith Member Present 2014
Councillor Glyn Whelbourn Member Present
Councillor Shaun Wright Member Present
Councillor Ken Wyatt Member Present

6 thoughts on “CSE & Rotherham – Fixed by 2009?

  1. Well spotted in finding the paper. The web of deceit is massive & incompetence is massive.

    South Yorkshire Police(SYP) having a laaaaarff? See http://goo.gl/edtiqz

    Back in 2012 SYP took umbrage at Andrew Norfolk’s first major expose of CSE in Rotherham and the incompetence of SYP & the Council. Thye responded to one of his criticisms by saying:

    “SYP is recognised as leading the way on what is now being recognised nationally as a problem and to suggest that the force and its partners are deliberately withholding information on the issue is a gross distortion and unfair on the teams of dedicated specialists working to tackle this problem.”

    From the HMIC 2013 review ““local resources – including intelligence teams – were not fully supporting child sexual exploitation investigations.”

    They really are a joke.


    • Hi Wil,
      I followed your link, found the article – then looked for when it was written – but it isn’t dated, nor any of the other articles I looked at in the Other News section – in the list on the right of that page.
      Undated News Items – lovely!


  2. Maybe you should publish your own press release based upon the real evidence featured in these inquiries. Just imagine this, thus far the inquiries have been limited by Shaun wright and Stone setting the terms of reference! It doesn’t look good does it when even then the findings are bleak! We can only imagine just how bad things really are!


  3. Councillor Jo Burton was a member of the Childrens Panel in 2009 and she has since stated she knew nothing about the grooming scandal yet here is a report that tells us an inspection highlighted the failings of the panel when she was a member.
    Another Labour lie. Another nail in Labour’s coffin.
    ‘Bye Jo.


  4. Colin, the report mentioned in these minutes was in fact posted on here a few months ago when Jessica’s story was published in the Times. It clearly showed that the scrutiny panel had been aware of failings which of course they should have been. So, Jo Burton et al must suffer from occasional amnesia just like most of the councillors in Rotherham.


  5. @Anonymous.
    Yes I remember the article and commented on it at the time however it does no harm to remind people who may not be aware of Jo Burton’s involvement that she is guilty of terminological inexactitudes. Like most RMBC councillors she also suffers from selective amnesia but hey ho, it will soon be May and the soft brown stuff will hit the whirly thing.


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