Shamed expenses MP Denis MacShane jailed for six months

Breaking News: Shamed expenses MP Denis MacShane jailed for six months!

According to some press reports, Denis did not take kindly to being “taken down!”

Some describe him as the epitome of ‘scum labour’, how do you feel?

From the BBC: Denis MacShane jailed for MP expenses fraud

The whole gory story: The MacShane Files


17 thoughts on “Shamed expenses MP Denis MacShane jailed for six months

  1. Law maker the law breaker! Deserves every hour he serves behind bars.
    The most egregious part of this sorry saga, is that Denis still doesn’t think he has done anything wrong!


  2. Dennis McShane is an evil vile man, ruthless if you did not get his own way. He tried everything to get away with this theft, even calling upon his powerful zionist friends. But when all had Failed he admitted his guilt, so he receives the minimum sentence possible.
    He has always been a big supporter of war and occupation in foreign lands. War and occupation always results in killing innocent people women and children.
    This man hates the Palestinians with a passion, he supports and defends any wrongdoing by the Israelis against the Palestinians. Dennis McShane was the biggest supporter of the Iraq war.
    Yet we have people like Jangeer Akhtar and Mahroof hussain. Desperate to be Dennis McShane’s right-hand men while Dennis was MP so that they can be promoted and get better paid jobs. These two councillors should be ashamed of themselves for supporting such a menace like Dennis. These so-called Muslim Community leaders. Have tried everything in their power to convince their naive community, to vote for this evil man. So this evil man can be elected into Parliament and ensure his support for war and occupation.


    • It is not about to Jewish, it’s about Zionism. I have many Jewish friends I respect. I am against Zionism and their ideology of war and destruction and domination. I respect the Jewish people and I respect Judaism. My grandfather helped many Jews during the Second World War.
      I am anti-war and I hate anyone who is pro-war. Killing people with expensive sophisticated bombs does not solve problems. War creates more problems than it solves.
      Dennis McShane was our warmonger !


  3. I just can’t wait for his interview tour and book detailing the shocking state of our prisons, lack of educational opportunity, mental health issues etc, and how shocked he was and how he feels it’s a duty to bring this to the attention of us all. Oh wait, that was Archer… No, it was Pryce…. (you get the idea.)

    However, as he will still be lecturing us and providing a shining example of his altruism post-prison, I may follow his example and steal his book from a taxpayer somewhere. Seems right somehow!

    (PS: Dear Officer Luke Le Otherway, I will not be stealing any books, nor have I ever stolen a book. In fact, much like my mate from Rotherham West, SYP have absolutely cleared me of any involvement in the great train robbery.)


  4. No it was Lord Nazir “killer”Ahmed. After his he did his14 days in Doncatraz, he came out actually claiming to be able to speak with authority on our penal system and how everyone knew how unjust it was that he had ben jailed! The actuality was that every one thought it was unjust that Akhtar wasn’t sent down!


  5. 6 months for this crime is disgraceful and derisory and a complete insult to the tax payers of this Country. Jeffrey Archer was, quite rightly, sentenced to 4 years in prison for perjury and perverting the course of justice in a CIVIL CASE, not a criminal one. His crime did not affect the tax payers and everyone in the Country like this despicable crime by McShame! If Archer received 4 years, then our Denis should have received at least 15 years for stealing public funds whilst in a position of trust in public office. What’s the betting he will be out in less than 2 months.


    • Given that it costs in excess of £40,000 a year to keep someone in prison, how does the public benefit (financially) from sending people to prison in cases like this?

      It might make you feel that MacShane is getting what he deserves, but as the crime is one of stealing public funds, your solution of a longer sentence would cost us, the tax payers, even more.

      In cases like this, I think that proper community service would be much better. How about a bit of time cleaning up the streets of Rotherham, or helping out at the foodbank?


  6. Let’s just give him a pat on the back and a quid out of the poor box? I’d rather see him receive a good flogging but this punishment went out years ago therefore prison is the ONLY answer Andrew.


  7. There would have been outrage if he had received anything less than a prison sentenced, not least from the other MPs who went down. An example has to be be made to deter others. Most people think six months was very lenient, The good thing to come out of it is that at least we have got rid of an arrogant, smug, elitist crook, who without being exposed ( by who ever takes the credit for his exposure) would have been our MP for quite a while yet, and then as an ex-minister been guranteed a seat in the lords. At least we have been spared that!


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