RMBC Landlord licensing consultation

RMBC Landlord licensing consultation:

Landlord licensing consultation 2013-12-28

This particular issue has set off quite a lot of anguish for some. We will be reporting on this and other related issues as the information comes in during 2014!

14 thoughts on “RMBC Landlord licensing consultation

  1. Nice of RMBC to be so selective. No mention of housing owned and managed by RMBC, for example the Windmill Estate in Anston (Breeding ground of support for Jo Burton) nor the council estate in Kimberworth or the council estate bordering both sides of Herringthorpe Valley Road.
    Why just private landlords? This is a good example of RMBC and its ‘Class Warfare’ mentality.
    Time for change.


  2. according to rmbc …. nothing can be done about private landlords who’s tenants cause asb to residents living on the same rd/st , ie in a council house council can evict tenants who cause problems rmbc have no power to evict private house tenants thats why council are trying to get this scheme in place . parts of eastwood and maltby have major problems with private landlords who dont give a monkeys whats happening in there house’s ..as long as the money comes in thats all what matters to some landlords. sheffield council are also doing this in place’s like page hall and fir vale . .


  3. ‘rmbc have no power to evict private house tenants thats why council are trying to get this scheme in place’
    A tenant-whether in private or council housing-who is found to be guilty of anti-social behaviour can be issued with an ASBO by the courts.
    Anti-social behaviour covers a range of problems including:
    noise pollution – playing music persistently too loud or persistently making other loud or intrusive noise, drunkenness, abandoned cars, burned-out cars, joyriding, stealing/mugging/shoplifting, begging, vandalism, grafitti, criminal damage to property, loitering, dropping litter/fly tipping/dog fouling, drug dealing or drug taking, intimidation and bullying and spitting.
    If any of the refugees who are due to be housed in Rotherham in 2014 cause disturbances which might lead to ASBOS being issued will our caring council evict them or will the refugee(s) play the ‘Human Rights’ card? Will RMBC have to ignore anti-social behaviour by refugees because of their duty to house them? If RMBC do not take effective action against council tenants is RMBC a bad landlord?
    Kimber has issued another document that could possibly lead to some interesting legal challenges.


  4. Personally I would just tax private landlords centrally rather than administer a scheme. This would have the effect of releasing lots of houses for sale as the return on investment dropped. The way to make someone take a pride in their house is for them to own it.


  5. Colin you have hit the nail on the head
    To date in Eastwood it has cost the Council aprox £19,888 in fly tipping and litter picking in the Eastwood Area about 14% of the total cost for the whole borough
    With not one legal action being taken against any tenant or landlord.
    Extra policing in this area and even a robbery of Council workmen in broad daylight when a knife ganged of Eastern Europeans stole power tools from a lorry this was kept under wraps by both the Council and the police I didn’t see it in the press did you???
    Eastwood and Ferham area they are lots of blind eyes being taken in these areas why??
    I would very much hope that all this licence money goes into the Anti Social Behaviour unit who are very much under staffed and underfunded making it very difficult for them to be affective
    Also anti social behaviour is a crime so our Crime Commissioner should do his job and ensure we have police on the streets sorting it.
    They should be no difference in law between the council, housing associations and private landlords they should all be made to follow the same standards and agreements.
    People renting privately have no other choice as their is not enough social housing to go round so why should they be segregated.


  6. I am a landlord of several properties and I support the licensing scheme.
    Because it will remove all the roge landlords,or put them in check . Because of their actions some areas have become ghettos. These landlords dont not care which tenants they rent their properties to. They are only interested in the rent money. By keeping their property in bad condition, they rent out to any, Dick and Harry Who is willing to live and them conditions. Eventually the area becomes a ghetto reducing the value of the remaining properties and rental income. landlords like me who take care of their properties are losing thousands of pounds from the value of our investments.
    I am quite happy to pay the licensing fee.


  7. @ Ex Labour.
    I’m not against licensing landlords. My point is who will monitor RMBC’s properties and their tenants? Who will issue and enforce the licenses for private landlords? Will RMBC create several other non-jobs eg: Private Landlords Licence Enforcement Officers? RMBC do not enforce current anti social behaviour legislation against their tenants in council housing-and some council houses are in poor condition-so by definition RMBC are bad landlords but there is no mention of RMBC’s responsibilities to their tenants in Kimber’s proposal.
    All men are equal-but some are more equal than others in the Peoples Soviet Republic of Rotherham.


  8. bad landlords have a lot to answer for in eastwood ….the area has been fetched to the ground by greedy landlords who see money and nothing else i tip my hat to the good landlords who set the standards . we all know the bad landlords. £19,888 to clean rubbish away…… get the bad landlords to pay it . asbo , not so long ago a tenant in eastwood dumped the full house contents outside on the rd at night at 11pm …next day a rmbc lorry turned up to move the lot away with no charge , no action was taken by rmbc …why ?


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