A Happy New Year from Rotherham Politics

A happy new year from Rotherham Politics and all the best for 2014.

My personal appreciation and thanks goes to readers, commenters and contributors for making this year, the most successful to date and the most rewarding to myself. Additionally we all owe a debt of gratitude, to those perhaps braver than most, who have provided information and those ‘whistle blowers’ whose insights have been invaluable. Some of this has yet to bear fruit, but it will! Those who wished their identities to remain private, many thanks to you all! Thanks also goes to those who have provided essential technical help, they have also ticked the no publicity box.

Rotherham Politics is looking forward to an incident packed year in 2014! What with the Local Government and European elections taking place on the same day, May 22nd I believe?

There’s bound to be a slip up or two with the awful panel of deadbeat councillors, for the most part unreasonably seeking re-election, rather than retirement.

Malfeasance, Misfeasance & Misconduct in Public Office, the three horsemen of the apocalypse, for both Officers and Councillors, will be explored further in 2014. To readers endless amusement, I suspect?


2013 The year in retrospect:

The hit counter shows a total of 393,618 page views, average 1078 each and every day and 62,975 unique daily visitors each viewing an average 6.25 pages per daily visit.

2 thoughts on “A Happy New Year from Rotherham Politics

  1. Thanks for the good wishes Rik and the same to you, and may I say without your pioneering site the plonkers that call themselves local politicians would still be sleeping soundly in their beds. I am really looking forward to campaigning next year for the Dinnington ward. All the best to you all have a good new year.

    Dave Smith


  2. Best wishes for an entertaining and action packed 2014.
    Without this site Borough and Parish councillors would have continued to live in Airy Fairy La La Labour land where Everything Is Perfect And Everyone Is Happy.
    Well done Rik and long may you continue to highlight the felons, foul ups and faults that embody all that is wrong with RMBC.


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