Arise Sir Kevin!

New Years honours list short.

Kevin Barron has received a Knighthood!

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6 thoughts on “Arise Sir Kevin!

  1. The joke for me is that he has received for his contribution to politics and community, what the hell has he contributed to either of these. I thought he was getting it for his contributions to the sphere of seamanship seeing as how he has spent his whole so called political life sailing close to the wind. If him getting it had relied on the votes of his constituents it is very doubtful that he would have got it. Knighting this clown brings into disrepute an already tainted honours system. Of all the people out there who are deserving of recognition he is not one, but just think what this will do for his cred with the drug companies; even more money in the Barrons coffers.

    Dave Smith


  2. Since (Sir) Kevin Barron was first elected in 1983 I cannot bring to mind anything of note he has done for his constituency. He has done a lot of work for the pharmaceutical companies he champions but nothing for Rother Valley.
    The Honours Committee will be handing out awards with packets of cereals next.


  3. A very sad day but it is evident that this award is for damage limitation for limiting the cuts to MPs expenses and nothing more. No wonder people have no faith in politics!


  4. All I have seen is Rothervalley run into the ground since 1975. If I was going to Knight anybody it would be the Beast of Bolsover, even though I am an ex Tory, this man stands up for his voters and is a credit. Along with John Barron.


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