2 thoughts on “From the man who is Prime Minister

  1. Man with a plan?
    Why do owners of wind turbines receive more money for turning these metal monstrosities off than keeping them turning? What happened to the ‘Cast Iron Guarantee’ on the EU referendum?
    Why the delay in making our Supreme Court the final arbiter on judicial decisions instead of the EU Commission?
    Why are we still giving overseas aid to North Korea? Why are zero hours contracts still legal?

    Call Him Dave’s speech is very much like the garbage I’ve listened to for the past 30 years.


  2. You’d never guess he’s borrowed more in 3 years than Labour did in 13……..not something he ever mentions! And you’d never guess that it was the banks who put the economy on the skids. Not Labour, but the banks. And what’s he really done to sort them out? That’s right. Zilch [except for resisting EU attempts to control out-of-control bankers’ pay. And cutting the top rate of income tax. All the while, of course, making life much tougher for the poor. You can see which side Cameron’s bread is buttered.


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