Rotherham Council to be sued

Fresh in from The Star:

Are you a victim or a victim’s parent who would like to contact David Greenwood? They are close at hand, ring 01709 890400 and you will be sure of a sympathetic and an understanding reception, please contact them. If you prefer email,

Star Council to be sued 2014-01-01

3 thoughts on “Rotherham Council to be sued

  1. Ultimately this may be both, the best way to secure a modicum of justice for victims and their families, as well as bringing the truth to the public’s attention!
    Those guilty of failure or criminally liability, will then have to pay the full price for their responsibility in this outrageous episode in Rotherham’s inglorious history.
    No doubt their failures amount to much more than that covered by our old friends, malfeasance, misfeasance & misconduct in public office.
    Rotherham Politics stands with victims and their families on this issue. If their are more victims wishing for justice, we would urge them, to at least contact David Greenwood, to find out if they can help.
    I understand that the legal costs are underwritten, from undisclosed sources with very deep pockets. It should not cost victims a penny but of course, they would still benefit from any compensation payments.


  2. One thing is certain, the cost of this once finally established, will make the ‘anti-poverty scandal’ losses, look like small change? For what? To protect a few Senior Councillors and Officers! Outrageous, seems to be such an inadequate description somehow! Hundreds of victims have yet to come forward. It is time for them to do so. Their voices must now be heard by joining the legal action being co-ordinated by David Greenwood, before it is too late for them to do so!


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