12 thoughts on “The man who would be Prime Minister?

  1. Ed Miliband could surprise if he became Prime Minister. Looks and impressions can deceive, but he has a killer streak – essential for a Prime Minister: look what he did to his brother!

    He deserves credit for preventing an allied invasion of Syria. I don’t know what was behind his thinking, but he stopped it, and, at least for now, put an end to chemical weapons use.


  2. The unions got him in and he betrayed them. Syria was about public opinion not Justice and votes are what motivates this horrid man. I fail to see how anyone can take labour, one minute,”laugh”one nation seriously. Look at their voting record on the welfare system, education, nhs on issues on privatisation – utter deplorable lot and polar operatives to what they were formed to stand for.


  3. Quite right. In fact he made a lot of political weather last year: cost of living, energy prices…..left the government trailing in his wake. More to come?


  4. So a 5 home owning multi-millionaire in the pockets of the Trade Unions knows all about ‘ordinary’ people? The same man who was chief bag carrier for Gordon McDoom and was also a member of the economically illiterate Labour government that saw the first food bank open in 2008 and still believes the way to economic success for Britain is to keep borrowing.
    What a choice for the British electorate; Ed Milliband and Ed Balls. Dumb and Dumber.


      • If anyone believes Milliband will be more economically literate than his predecessors then I suggest he/she stops taking mind altering substances and concentrates on reality.
        Let’s stop for a moment and remind ourselves of how Milliband ‘looked after the vulnerable in society’
        PFI-£300 Billions cost over the next few decades. Wind Farms-cost to taxpayers? £17 Billion over 20 years. Immigration-Milliband admitted on 25th September 2011 ‘We got it wrong’ (This failed policy forced real wages down)
        Freeze energy bills? Complete and utter tosh. All that will happen is energy companies will raise their prices before any so called price freeze comes into force.
        How can he create more jobs? Lower taxes encourage employers to expand-not taxing them out of existence. Milliband told the Association of Labour Councillors he will encourage more housebuilding -but he will not give councils any extra money so how does that help the vulnerable?
        Milliband does not have an economic record that qualifies him as a suitable person to lead our country. He owes his position as leader of the Labour party to the unions and IF he’s elected the unions will want their pound of flesh aka Pay Back Time Ed.
        You read it here first.


  5. Labour under Blair started the biggest attack on the welfare system and the conservatives have just carried on what labour started that is why labour do not object to food banks which they supported in their I inception so people could eat. Labour are just conservatives in terms of ideologies. New labour was a break with everything the old Labour Party was formed to promote. Very sad when people think labour will save the day.


  6. All I was saying in my original comment was (a) Ed Miliband’s got the necessary ruthless streak for a prime minister, and (b) he kept the west out of military action in Syria (whatever his motives – who cares?). Whether Labour would be any good is another matter. They certainly weren’t last time around, apart from keeping us out of the Euro and largely solving the Irish problem.

    As regards Ed’s trade union backers, just have a listen to Bob Dylan’s ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’. And it wasn’t the unions who recently bankrupted the country, it was the financial sector.


  7. “it was the financial sector.”
    Under the Labour government-who failed to take robust action when the financial system started to collapse. Nationalising banks and pouring taxpayers money into the financial sector was not good enough. The US. SEC made sure their inept bankers went to jail, in Britain we let them either resign or carry on doing their jobs.
    I do not recall anyone in this thread saying the unions were responsible for the monetary meltdown, Labour politicians must carry the can for their part in failing the British people.


  8. A thought has occurred to me (Unusual at this time of night!)
    Leaving aside the polemics; Will Muslims vote for a Jew? Personally I am not in the slightest bothered about a politicians religion, (Check. I dislike Moonies. Yes I know they are a ‘cult’) and I have several Jewish friends whom I admire. But as Milliband is the Jewish son of a Communist how will that reflect in votes for him amongst the worshippers and adherents of Allah?
    Does Moofy or Akhtar have a problem with this I wonder? How will they direct their ‘supporters’ to vote?
    Just a thought. Not a religious rant.


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