Sajid proves the rule?

Back in December 2013, Rotherham Politics brought readers this rather worrying report concerning Sajid Bostan, a Private Hire Taxi Driver:

Will Sajid prove the rule?

We understand that an old friend, Sajid Bostan (Ten bellies), got himself into a bit of a scrape a while ago when he made the mistake of picking on the wrong person, after an altercation that started outside the Masons Arms, Wickersley!

We are now in a position to report on the outcome.

There were two disciplinary cases being dealt with at the meeting of the Licensing Board, Sajid’s was by far the more serious of the two under consideration.

The result? Sajid kept his license, despite having shown himself willing to act outwith the terms of his license thereby leaving himself and his passengers without insurance cover!

The other resulted in a suspension of his license despite his case being far less serious than Sajid’s!

The difference? One of them had another form of insurance altogether and the other one didn’t!

The kind that Mahroof Hussain and Jahangir Akhtar peddle, perhaps?

Sajid was correct then, when he stated they had, “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”

3 thoughts on “Sajid proves the rule?

  1. Time for an external review of the way the PHV and Hackney trade is policed in Rotherham.

    Why would you ever book a cab from a company that can flout the law and leave passengers at risk?

    Cllr Ahktar just as you asked for your non- involvement in the Times matter to be investigated, now order an external review of the Rotherham taxi trade, no thought not.


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