Barry Dodson’s Progress!

Nearly went blue in the face, holding my breath for the answers to the questions we posed in our last post concerning the Deputy Mayor, Barry Dodson and McAllister’s, attempted deception of readers?

Read: Barry Dodson’s Personal Trolls Exposed!

The situation seems to have gone from bad to worse as Barry Dodson’s behaviour has become increasingly childish, erratic and bizarre by the day?

There appear to be a number of very serious issues involved here, that would benefit from some investigation by Rothpol. Further report, once fresh information becomes available.

Thank you to those who have already contacted Rothpol adding to this story. Trying to digest the information, some of which is quite alarming!

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10 Responses to Barry Dodson’s Progress!

  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s Councilor Dodson done now? Let me guess abused his power yet again, corrupt deputy Mayor is not what Rotherham needs.

  2. Upstart says:

    Power must be going to his head again? If I were conducting myself in the way Dodson is acting at the moment, I would fear exposure lest it stopped me becoming Mayor in May! Misconduct in a public office for starters, I shouldn’t wonder?

  3. The One says:

    I hear he’s doing really well. He’s opened up a karate club in what was an old rundown scout building in East Dene. Apparently it’s in a really bad location, like in someone’s back yard. But he didn’t even need to get planning permission, because he’s “in with the council.”
    Well done Baz! Future mayor of the capital of grooming & exploitation!!

    • rothpol says:

      Would that be the Kazoku Karate Group? Prop Barry Dodson. Put in the name of Ian McAllister with himself as an unpaid instructor?
      Very much hope their child protection procedures are fully compliant with requirements, as I thought racist bullies and thugs were unsuitable to work with children?

    • Respect says:

      I’ve heard that mr Ghani is a big rich landlord but he does not even know who professional standards are and what they actually do.

  4. Upstart says:

    It appears Barry Dodson has never been the subject of a CRB check of any kind not let alone an enhanced one! Why not? We should be told!

  5. Anonymous says:

    No CRB surely that’s illegal, or is it the arrogance which makes him believe he is better than any other tax payer. I like his style get the phools ‘mcalisters’ to do the dirty work and have a laugh at their expense, ‘personal gain’ comes to mind.
    “Children at risk” crickey, get that place closed Rothpol.

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