MacShameless – A Pack Of Lies!

If you cast your mind back, Denis MacShane has explained himself and his expenses claims in several different ways over the period since they were first exposed.

This explanation, in the Advertiser of  Feb 5th 2010, was presented as the final act preceding the 2010 General Election campaign, how wrong were we to believe him!

Pity Mr Justice Sweeney wasn’t aware of this before sentencing him!

MacShane 1_0003MacShane 1_0002Just another ‘pack of lies’ from MacShane, exposed as such, over the last three years!

This was perhaps when Denis first realised his predicament, From Eye Spy MP:

Eye Spy MP 2014-01-04

4 thoughts on “MacShameless – A Pack Of Lies!

  1. Can anybody explain why Jackie Smith the Home secretary, could claim 20K a year for a room in her sisters house, when she had a grace and favour mansion. It seems the biggest culprits escaped scott free and a few sacrificial lambs were given. Has anybody a clue what Tony Blair claimed for?


  2. Both Jackie Smith and Denis MacShane claimed over £200 a month for cleaning of their second home until such times as they were required to submit receipts for claims above £25 a month. At that stage Jackie Smith stopped claiming at all and MacShane’s claims went down to £24 a month. Both of these apparent discrepancies were reported to the Parliamentary Authorities who took no notice. A large proportion of MPs were and still are fiddling but other than in the most extreme of cases will the Authorities take any action.


  3. Jackie Smith had the good sense to stand down as an MP in 2010, Denis MacShame did not!
    Arrogance and greed was the only difference, no one was interested in ex MPs only serving ones.
    Didn’t Rothpol advise him to go before the General Election in 2010? Pity for him he didn’t heed your advice!


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