It gets more curious?

Rothpol has received links to two pages on the RMBC website that seem to have relevance here.

Easy to vote yourself taxpayers money if you are on the committee, it would appear?

Our informant added their own observation, “What I find surprising is that there are no published minutes for the 2013 meetings.”

Click on images to view, use your back button to return:

Community First Rotherham East Part 2014-01-07Community First Rotherham East Panel 2014-01-07

4 thoughts on “It gets more curious?

  1. Possibly he is a man of many desires, greed has taken over. In comparison with the other projects why is his karate project getting the most funding? Are the homeless etc less important Cllr B Dodson.
    Contriving to sit in meetings by illicit means and deception to fiddle into a position of trust to handle tax money is not going to get you any friends Baz!


  2. barry dodson walks around as hough he is king cock with his belly nearly as big as saj 10 bellies bostan’s. he is amongst the most corrupt in RMBC and no less.


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