Scargill Acolyte turned Establishment puffball?

The latest edition of Private Eye is in the shops now and has this interesting appreciation of the member for Rother Valley and his Knighthood:

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13 thoughts on “Scargill Acolyte turned Establishment puffball?

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    I suggest (Sir) Kev’s supporters read this:
    I remember one of my lecturers making the comment “The further up the tree they climb, the more right wing they become”
    Quite true in this instance.


  2. Hmmmm…………..
    For every book published in support of the miners there is an equal number opposed to them. Let’s not derail the thread with books and articles for and against the strike.
    The issue is The Gospel according to Sir Kev. Being a miner does not automatically qualify someone as a left wing socialist or even a Labour party supporter, however KB’s career path from Maltby Miner to a Sirhood-via Parliament and £500k-shows the Labour party of Wilson and Foot is dead and buried. (Courtesy of warmonger Blair).
    Most Northern Labour MP’s and their supporters need to realise this, (Sir) Kev’s transition follows the same path. Left to Right.
    Only the hypocritical silly old buffer Denis Skinner believes in the Labour party of old.


  3. Sir Kev, or nutkin as I prefer to call him because of all the money he has managed to squirrel away, would have us believe he was a hard working Maltby miner for 9 years. He spent 3 years at Ruskin college on a full time degree course, nearly didn’t get his job back. Before long he was delegate, replacing Sir Jack Layden; seems to be a pattern forming here, another Maltby miner sir. Just think of all the real Maltby miners who gave their lives to the industry who left with just a handshake, and Barron’s statement when the closure was announced; “it doesn’t matter most of them don’t come from Maltby.” Then in 83 he became an M.P, sponsored by the NUM, who after his anti- strike rhetoric withdrew his sponsorship: well he had to do something to become Kinnock’s servant. Your right Colin being a miner does not automatically make you a socialist, and Barron proves that, he would not know one if it jumped up and bit him. He did as he has always done crawled to the people who could further his career, ie Scargill. He was nominated at the cost of better and more genuine men, then turned and bit the hand that fed him. Because he had a better career move with Kinnock, this is how he has spent the whole of his political career. Hopefully, because being a Sir will be a nice little earner for him, he might stand down at the next election. Barron is chancer that is why he has got his knighthood you never know with a bit of luck they might slip with the sword, By the way Colin what do you believe in if we socialists are all hypocritical silly old buffers.

    Dave Smith


  4. I did not say ALL socialists are “all hypocritical silly old buffers”. I applied the term to to Denis Skinner, brother of jailbird Graham Skinner.
    Back on topic……………………….
    (Sir) Kev represents Rother Valley-allegedly. He has never, ever campaigned in Anston, come to think of it, when was the last time he was seen in Dinnington/Anston?
    He would not support the campaign to stop RMBC building on greenbelt land and he has even refused to acknowledge the last two letters I sent him. (Perhaps I’m not important enough, I don’t own a medical company)
    I’ve tried and tried to think of something positive he has done for his constituents since 1983 but nothing comes to mind. Perhaps a member of his fan club will enlighten me?
    It seems more and more likely he will not stand for re-election in 2015 but, a big BUT, will the CLP foist a candidate on us like they forced Champion on Rotherham?
    No matter, the Compliant Drones will still vote for whoever is wearing the ‘I’m your Labour candidate’ badge.


    • Oh I don’t doubt Sir Nutkin will stand again, the gravy pot isn’t quite full enough for him yet. . He has over the years managed to reduce the labour majority – you never know this time he might reduce it to nothing.
      At the time of his selection I voted for a ‘better & more genuine man’ but Sir Nutkin had the weight of the NUM backing him! Talk about biting the hand that fed you!


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  6. Colin – re Sarah Champion – my sister and I have been to see her about issues regarding RMBC’s failure to provide adequate support to vulnerable young people . She hasn’t held back with taking up my and my families issues with them and has kicked their rears – indeed the way she corresponded with them enabled her and us to highlight even more of RMBC’s bad habits and unprofessional practice and take the issues even further. Give the woman credit where its due.

    In future she may disagree with me on a point or two, who knows, but I won’t judge people by the way they agree of disagree with me – or support me or not – on single issues – it’s how they work and operate on daily basis and as a whole that counts. And Ms Champoin has done well in my eyes so far. She is no Kevin Barron.


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