Asylum Seekers – More On Complaints

We are grateful to our anonymous contributor for these two examples of breathtaking hypocrisy by RMBC on the asylum seeker controversy.

Click on images to read the full published articles, use your back button to return.

First up is from Inside Housing:

Asylum Inside Housing 2014-01-11Secondly from Sheffield News & Sport:

Asylum Protest Sheffield News and Sport 2014-01-11

6 thoughts on “Asylum Seekers – More On Complaints

  1. roma population in rotherham has increased form 0 IN 2003/04 TO 3,700 by 2011/12 …. 3,700 …..most in eastwood and ferham ! rmbc needs to do something .


    • Hi Ronnie,
      I’ve been trying to get some accurate figures for the Roma population in UK over time, but so far failed. Where did you find yours? They seem to be just what I was looking for.


  2. hi RR, i was just pointing out the facts about the roma which have been flooding into rotherham …i know rmbc cant do nothing about the roma … but what rmbc and syp can do is …sort all the asb and dumping of beds /sofas/ washers etc…around the areas quoted . m kimber should not be worried about 450 asylum seekers… what about 3,700 roma …?? and thats a under figure. thanks.


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