Denis’s Get Out Of Jail Card?

Couldn’t resist this further example of the lobbying on Denis’s behalf that seems to be current at the moment. Wrong in most assumptions and facts, this is essentially garbage!

Times Denis

5 thoughts on “Denis’s Get Out Of Jail Card?

  1. Prison doesn’t help reduce reoffending but it sometimes also needs to be a punitive (and protective) measure. If McShane had been allowed to walk out of court without a custodial sentence it would have sent a very strange message – a man in a position of public trust abusing that trust despite being very handsomely remunerated. It would have totally undermined any attempts by the establishment to engender law abiding behaviour in the population at large, essentially saying “one rule for us and one for you lot, we are above it and can act with impunity” – hence a very, very, very VERY VERY serious threat to democracy and rule of law deserving of custody. So twittering Jenni you are absolutely out of touch with ordinary people down here on the dung-heap. Circa £20,000 well spent, I think, in fact the sentence should have been stiffer. And we need some of the even bigger offenders in the Parliamentary fiddling circus to be brought to account.


  2. With respect, the biggest threat to democracy is not a soft prison sentence for a political crony but the brain dead tribal voting habits of the electorate. Rotherham is one of a multitude of ‘safe’ seats where the party in control take the people for granted.

    The Labour Party are solely to blame for the problems blighting Rotherham and no one else. It was Labour who wrecked the economy, dumbed down education and opened the door to open border mass immigration. It was the Labour council that turned a blind eye to Muslim child sex abuse, and yet the people continue to return these charlatans to office time again.

    Denis MacShane didn’t become an obnoxious, thieving political thug overnight, he always was one but the people kept re-electing him.

    By unthinking, blind obedience to one party the people disenfranchise themselves and leave themselves open to the kind of abuse that has blighted towns like Rotherham for decades.


  3. Hi Daniel – yes that is ANOTHER big threat to democracy – Probably bigger as you say but these things are all symptoms of the same malaise – that the electorate are treated with contempt yet we still won’t wake up


    • Hello rev, unfortunately you are right. We the people are the authors of our own misfortune by our voting behavior. It is within our power to put this right but as you rightly say, we won’t wake up.


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