Kazoku Questions?

The as yet unanswered questions, that relate to the Kazoku Karate Club, fall into two main areas of concern. The first relating to the premises from which they operate and secondly, the personnel that run the club and provide instruction to children.

The current premises are leased from the Council, after being abandoned by the Scouts as unsuitable over ten years ago. The lease is held, I believe, by Ian McAllister and not Barry Dodson as first thought, why?

Since occupation of the premises, last July, there have been enumerable problems as Barry Dodson is proving to be an awfully bad neighbour indeed. That is intended to be an understatement!

He appears to have set out to drive the neighbours to distraction, with enumerable and often imaginary complaints about the neighbours! Intimidation and harassment often involving false Police complaints, is his natural MO, as is the many instances of racial abuse suffered by the neighbours from Kazoku instructors, he seems pretty good at it too.

Like many bullies, Dodson is a coward too. He is not above sending youngsters to do his dirty work for him. sending Ellen McAllister to commit a wide range of racially aggravated crimes on his behalf, it would appear?

Have the premises an up to date Fire Certificate? Does Kazoku carry the necessary insurances that would allow them to operate legally? Do they carry Public liability  insurance?

Are Kazoku fully compliant with RMBC child protection policies? Are all those who are in contact with children subject to an enhanced check with the The Disclosure and Barring Service? And are they all up to date?

Do the premises provide the necessary safety requirements for the activities being provided?

Moving on to matters concerning personnel. Rotherham Politics has learned there are a number of interconnected police investigations involving Ellen McAllister, Ian McAllister and Barry Dodson. These range in seriousness from possible public order offences, racially aggravated assault and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice! Serious crimes indeed!

All The Disclosure and Barring Service checks would appear to be rendered invalid, whilst police and other investigations are completed.

That would appear to leave Kazoku with little alternative but to suspend operations forthwith, until all matters have been properly investigated by the police and others, the premises brought up to minimum standards the Fire certificates obtained and to arrange proper insurance to cover their operations!

Full Story: Deputy Mayor Barry Dodson

14 thoughts on “Kazoku Questions?

  1. Seems to me that Barry Dodson should ‘temporarily’ stand down from all his positions, including the Deputy Mayorship, until his recent behaviour has been fully investigated!
    The thought that we might have a racist for Mayor in May, simply appals me!


  2. Barry Dodson is a proven racist & has been abusing vulnerable people for a long time & has been getting away with it.
    Well no more. It’s time he was exposed on a large scale & everyone knew about this vile excuse for a man.


  3. This is appalling to hear, I’m astonished and cannot merely understand to how Clr Dodson even got his position in the community. Allowing such racists, abusive cowards to take control of a already run down town justifies the RMBC on whole new level.

    Let’s open the door to more amendable characters like Dodson, RMBC I must say you did a fine job of making Rotherham such a backwards town. How about getting Dodson out and bring educated people in with common sense to abide by policies!


  4. “Educated people” and “common sense” don’t always go hand in hand, especially in RMBC.
    Courses like Common Purpose where people are practically brainwashed into the way of thinking that the powers want, is a good example.
    Has anyone compiled a list of RMBC councillors/leaders/members who are Common Purpose “trained” ? Maybe it’s even in job criteria ?


  5. There is one issue I forgot to include:

    How did Dodson get his hands on the lease?
    Was this facilitated by RMBC officers such as Lynsey Skidmore?

    There needs to be a thorough investigation by the Rotherham Standards Board, into this and the other serious allegations made on Rotherham Politics that concern the Deputy Mayor!


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  7. These important questions have not yet been answered?
    Here is another. I am surprised that Ian McAllister is allowed to use the Title ‘Kazoku’, given that they were going to throw him out of the organisation for ‘misusing’ his skills, a couple of years back. He stood accused of thuggery! Just the sort of person you want working with children!


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