News on Blue Badge prosecution

The Council boasts at it’s success in obtaining another prosecution of a ‘blue badge abuser’.

Rings rather hollow when Rotherham Labour Group are still protecting the ‘blue badge abuser’ in their midst! One law for the public, quite another if you are a Labour Councillor?

Read all about it in: The Blue Badge Files

RMBC Blue Badge prosecution 2014-01-16RMBC Blue Badge prosecution tweet 2014-01-16

4 thoughts on “News on Blue Badge prosecution

  1. Ah yes, Martin Beard.
    He who went into partnership with a company who deceived and defrauded HMRC.
    More to come closer to the May elections………………….


      • By the same token Martin Beard must have been part of the cover-up, as well as everyone else involved in this shameful saga!
        Councillors are not permitted to park anywhere they want, and certainly not in a disabled spot, when their wife is safely tucked up in bed at RDGH!
        This man is perhaps surprisingly on Labour’s panel of candidates for May’s Local Elections. Scum Labour writ large!!


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