A work of fiction?

This is the text of the successful bid for £2,500 of our cash, to support the Kazoku Health & Fitness Project to provide diversionary activities for young people in order to address Anti social behaviour (ASB)

“The project is designed to offer sports and physical activity in the form of martial arts to all age groups from 5 upwards, five days per week throughout the year in a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment. The project will use the funding to improve their newly acquired premises which will enable them to continue to offer and to increase their physical activity project still at a minimal cost which will encourage a larger range of participants.

The premises are located in one of the 11 deprived communities and having this facility will enable Kazoku to reach moreyoung people at risk.

Previously a Scout Hut the premises are in need of some refurbishment and whilst the group has received support from a local organisation who have offered to do most of the work some new central heating equipment is required.

The discipline associated with martial arts is learned by the young people and used in all aspects of their lives thus reducing the chance that they may become involved in anti-social behaviour.

The ethos of martial arts encourages confidence and self-esteem rising which is a valuable outcome for all involved in the project. The funding applied for will enable the project to continue to offer this valuable resource and to expand it to include local residents, softer physical activity will be delivered to older residents, lessons will be tailored to suit pace and range of abilities people present with thus encouraging those less likely to become involved in a physical activity to attend and achieve fitness and self-esteem in a comfortable way.

Having these newly refurbished premises will enable the group to expand and to reach disengaged community members, young parents and disabled members of the community will be encouraged to access the facility and it is hoped that when the premises are up to required standards other groups will access the building ensuring it become a more viable community facility.”

This might be funny, were it not for the fact that the Kazoku Karate Club and it’s instructors, have been responsible for most of the anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of their premises!

Unbelievable! as they say?

Full Story: Deputy Mayor Barry Dodson

Extracted from: Community_First_Allocated_Project_Year_3

2 thoughts on “A work of fiction?

  1. Couldn’t miss the rest of the recipients of this money? Unity Nursery gets a £2,500 bung, I see!
    Looks awfully like a divi-up between friends?
    Where are the missing minutes, where this was decided? Missing! It would appear?


  2. The Ethos of Martial Arts is one to have a laugh at I see these chaps need a little help themselves!
    Another one of them things councillors do I suppose when they want to boost their bank balance ‘LIE’
    RMBC need to wake up a little, there’s a lot more places out there that could do with funding.


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