Selective licensing of private rented housing – RMBC Consultation

Rotherham MBC is currently consulting upon proposals to introduce Selective licensing of private rented housing, click on image to go to the Council consultation page:

Selective licensing of private rented housing 2014-01-17If you are a landlord in one of the areas proposed make sure you take part in this important consultation. You have a voice, please make sure you use it.

News has come in of a meeting at the Unity Centre on the 29th January at 6:30pm. This meeting has been organised by Rotherham Action Group. More news when we have it!

15 thoughts on “Selective licensing of private rented housing – RMBC Consultation

  1. should be good for eastwood / ferham as the crap bad (give me your money to live in a hovel) landlords have fetched these areas to the ground , got to feel for the good landlords , you only have the bad ones to blame .


  2. When does the so called consultation end?
    When will the Cabinet meet to decide the outcome?
    Who will be in the Cabinet?
    When is the date of the next local elections?
    It`s all starting to add up!


      • from the meeting minutes:
        Councillors Akhtar and Doyle declared personal interests in Minute No. 30 (Business Case to consider the Selective Licensing of Private Rented Accommodation) on the grounds that they were owners of properties that were rented privately and left the room whilst this matter was discussed.


  3. ive just seen on , , rmbc stop the selective licencing ..most of the people against this scheme are asian …why is that ? also why do people think it just a rotherham idea ? its country wide .


  4. ronnie, the petition is here:
    It was put up over 6 months ago, only got 250 signatures so far.
    The people who have signed and commented are predominantly landlords.
    Your questions are answered here:
    (If the link to the Cabinet minutes doesn’t work for you, this will: )


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