Final chapter – Justice in Wellgate – fat chance!

From Rothpol’s email inbox this morning, some personal reflections from Rosie Rabbit on the as yet unresolved, justice denied, Wellgate investigations:

“Congratulations are in order for the fine upstanding investigation carried out by South Yorkshire police in Rotherham.  They are to be commended for their objectivity, brilliant skills in gathering evidence and questioning techniques.  The community liaison officers should be commended for their support to the victims at the time of the so called ‘Broom Riots’ and while a lengthy and ridiculous investigation took place.  As for the officer in charge of this fine investigation I really can’t find enough words to praise this individual for his involvement.  We have a police force in Rotherham who think thinks nothing of victimising, trying to blackmail and coerce the victims into making peace with thugs. 

Five people witnessed children and an elderly man being beaten by a group of thugs.  Statements were given to attending police, including to the chief inspector who ate at one of the victim’s table who gave assurances.  No attempts were made by our fine police force to talk to the witnesses and this whole event was brushed under the carpet as being insignificant.  Pleas by the victims to be supported and kept informed of progress fell on deaf ears during the last 5 months.  In fact the investigating police woman’s excuses for not interviewing witnesses were lame, badly thought up and beyond belief.  Offers to contact witnesses for her were met with adamant refusals and only then accepted grudgingly when a victim’s father insisted.    From her and her superiors point of view why bother to interview when they’ve already heard the thugs’ side including bogus witnesses.  It is a widely recognised fact that two of the thugs’ employees who where present at Lillian St when this event took place were the ones who were also going to be  witnesses to the thugs claim that they were ‘at work’ during this period.  My understanding is that charges were dropped as there was conflicting information.  I would really like to see the credible paperwork the police put to the CPS.

The riot was a show of defiance from the Wellgate community for the police to wake up and take a stand for the victims.  Yes the thugs got a wake up call as no one had ever made such a stand against them (other than their former tenants at the car wash).  Unfortunately, corruption is so ingrained in this police force that they took the side of the thugs.  The thugs have got away with yet another crime with the assistance of a incompetent police force.  These thugs will continue to intimidate and threaten this community with violent behaviour knowing they will not receive any action against them from their ‘friendly’ police force. 

The police force should be impartial in any investigation but the harsh reality is the complete opposite.  All I have seen is manipulation, bullying and harassment of the innocent.  An investigation built on lies to enforce their will on the innocent.  I am a tax payer and my hard earned money has been used to protect and shield the guilty from punishment while the innocent have suffered in silence.  The resources put into the protection of the guilty party and this fine investigation far out way the conclusion and I cannot help but feel disillusioned and aggrieved. 

Time heals cuts and bruises but the legacy of deceit the police have left in the area will take more than time to resolve.  Walking around the streets in this community, you either notice the absence of the thugs or that they walk in groups (just so they have a ‘witness’ present in case they need to make a quick false report to a ‘friendly helpful’ police force).  Many people including community leaders, thugs’ families, police and councillors want this to go away, like it never happened.  The reality is that until someone credible stands up for victims, violent families (and yes that means the Sabir family) will offend again. 

The councillors, attention seeking PC Arif and so called community leaders policy of keeping quiet has shown themselves for the cowards they are. They have been indifferent and have made no attempts to support the victims throughout this ordeal.  I am sure the victims will assist them next time they ask for help – not.

I am a witness to what has occurred.  A bystander to yet again another rotten police investigation.  To those reading this, you may think I am anti police and you would be right.  I am not wearing rose coloured glasses any more.  I see the police force for what they are and that is a corrupt establishment which is open to bribery, victimisation of the innocent and the less well connected.  This has been another cover up by a police force unable to shake of its rotten reputation. 

Investigations like this one,  the child grooming case, Hillsborough, etc show us all what this fine police force in South Yorkshire is capable of doing or concealing as in these cases.  It is about time the IPCC who is tasked with ensuring we have a just and impartial police force did the job they have been appointed to do. 

Justice for the innocents – it was never going to happen!”

Rosie Rabbit

4 thoughts on “Final chapter – Justice in Wellgate – fat chance!

    • This is wrong, what is going on will, I didnt think Rotherham was this bad, councillor Maharoof and Councillor Akhtar just imagine both are the rotten apples of Rotherham, if anyone eats apples.
      Make sure you dont choose rotten apples, as both pairs are rotten for the people of Rotherham.


  1. No one is being prosecuted.

    It’s about time the useless officers in charge stepped down and made way for those who are prepared to ‘investigate’ crimes.


  2. “I see the police force for what they are and that is a corrupt establishment” Agree !
    “All I have seen is manipulation, bullying and harassment” Agree !
    Would Rosie like to get in touch ?


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