Eastwood – even more picture evidence!

Our thanks go to the supplier of this YouTube contribution:

For those who wish to see similar try clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Eastwood – even more picture evidence!

  1. there are quite a few similar vids on youtube – just search for them.
    But you can probably see a snapshot of one day in the area via Google’s Streetview (that way you don’t have to listen to anything other than your own choice of music.)
    I’d have a look, but I don’t know what streets to look for – I don’t come from Rotherham and Sheffield is my nearest and more accessible town centre so that is always the direction I go in.


    • Hey reg,
      Didn’t realise you weren’t one of our own lol, you write like you are. You’re still welcome to visit though, admission fee is one teenage eastern european girl – two if you want to stay overnight. Just drop them off at the town hall and you’re gold.
      Welcome to Rottenham.


      • Yes me just another immigrant – I came here from Belgium.
        I arrived here in Rotherham in 2002. 🙂 Thanks for the welcome. As it happens I speak English with a Southern UK voice (and I assumes that I wrote the same way), but heck I’m happier up here than I am in London, but I can be at home most places – except Sweden! .
        Between kidhood in South Lancashire and Rotherham; I’ve lived in lots of places, but never Eastern Europe (old east Germany or Russia don’t count as E. Europe) and I can’t help with girls, or boys for that matter.
        Trafficking is not something one should ever joke about; and even kids willingly selling their bodies ‘cos there are no other jobs going, is really really sad. (I lived for 3 years in central Amsterdam and two years in Africa’s most notorious city for such things – Addis Ababa. Fun cities , both of them!)

        Now can I just go back to being RR ?


      • You are right on one thing reg… trafficking isn’t funny. Should we climb out from behind the safety of our computer screens and our statistics, organise ourselves to make some citizens’ arrests, and get together with all the other armchair warriors? ‘Cos I’m really angry. Really angry. Just name the time you want us to meet you and I promise I’ll be there. I’m sure lots of other will be too. I don’t care about left or right, most people don’t… but I’m sure we all care about protecting children. So, as you’re a leader on this site, and others are starting to notice how ‘organised’ you are when it comes to crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, how about you and me lead a march on the town hall and get some answers? I’m game if you are?


  2. Two weeks ago I reported to RMBC’s Environmental Health Department that I had witnessed two “Roma men” who were in the process of leaving their flat on College Road at Masbrough dumping an old fridge freezer and a washer in an nearby alley way.
    All that has happened since is some one has visited the site and taken a photo and then wrapped tape around the items with the words Environmental Crime on the tape. Their flat is now empty and they have flown the coop leaving us mugs to pick up the bill to clear this eyesore up.


    • mal, the enviro dept are great at doing this….tape things up , just what does it mean ? next day big rmbc wagon comes along and takes the waste away . waste of tape i reckon .


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