Eastwood – more picture evidence!

Another picture of a rental property in Eastwood. The evidence mounts up:


Our thanks go to the supplier of these pictures, has anyone else got similar? Be grateful if you would send it in, Rothpol.

Our photographer makes the following point: another good landlord , taken one day ago , the rear yard is full to the brim of waste . Eastwood , Hatherley Road.

11 thoughts on “Eastwood – more picture evidence!

  1. This is what happens to a part of our Town, when the rest of Rotherham’s folk know nothing about this serious and ongoing problem.

    This is what can happen, when folk blindly vote for labour candidates, when they evidently can’t be trusted, once elected!

    Who is up in this Ward in May? Shaukut Ali, I believe? Strangely silent, yet he will be after votes come May!

    Who are the other Councillors that represent the area? Why, that would be Barry Dodson and Emma Wallis, also both strangely silent too!


      • Because it’s his democratic right to vote for whomever he pleases. Even if (sorry Ronnie) that choice is stoopid! Have you not got that by now Reg? Should we all explain ourselves to you… every… single… time? You do seem to ask a lot of diversionary questions on these blog posts. A more paranoid reader might ask WHY you ask for so much detail when people just want to express a simple ‘feeling’. (It’s the internet – in case you hadn’t noticed.) Sometimes it’s not about the stats – it’s just about a ‘righteous’ anger. Leave him be. So let him push and vote for UKIP if that’s what he wants. It’s stoopid [sorry again Ronnie] but that’s the price you pay for freedom of choice. Would you rather he couldn’t vote UKIP?

        Seriously Reg, every time? Just leave Ronnie to his say on the interweb. We all know you’re very clever and stuff, but come on… Ronnie doesn’t have to answer. Although, to be fair, Ronnie – move away from UKIP and get to a real independent candidate lol! Cos you’re not gonna make many friends with this UKIP nonsense.


      • why ? because if i vote for a labour cllr , i will be getting a cllr who does nothing about the complete mess eastwood is in , he owns many house’s in eastwood too . our cllrs should be telling the rmbc top rupperts that people in eastwood are not happy at all, instead of buying up all the house’s to rent out to make more problems . thanks .


      • Hear hear Reg,

        and can I take this opportunity to publicly apologise to you for my unwarranted outburst the other night. A combination of factors which I won’t bore you with, but let me say that you and many other contributors are the reason I enjoy this blog so much. You didn’t deserve it, and I hope you’ll forgive me. I promise you it won’t happen again.


  2. @Ronnie
    You have answered your own question. Why vote for a Labour candidate who, in your words;
    ” i will be getting a cllr who does nothing about the complete mess eastwood is in”
    Whether or not councillors buy property is irrelevant, what is relevant is Labour councillors who (allegedly) represent Eastwood turn a blind eye to the problems in that ward.
    Are you seriously suggesting you will vote Labour in May and still be willing to suffer the same lack of interest and respect from a Labour councillor?
    Who you vote for is your business but thinking long and hard, why would you-or anyone- vote Labour?


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