Eastwood – More Labour Embarrassment?

Our thanks go to the supplier of these photos, these will be the last in this series, thanks to everyone who sent pics in sorry there was not enough space to put them all up.

One of them must be particularly embarrassing to the Rotherham East labour Councillor, Shaukat Ali, as it is alleged he owns one of these properties:

sofa_002-2 beds_001 mattres_001 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA rubbish_006 sofa_002

Shaukat Ali is a Borough Councillor for Rotherham West which includes Eastwood and he will be looking to be re-elected in May’s Local elections.

Declaration of Interests, Shaukat Ali as a pdf

3 thoughts on “Eastwood – More Labour Embarrassment?

  1. whats mr karl battersby and mr paul woodcock doing about all this ?? also , cllr rose mcneely safer neighbourhoods and cllr mahroof hussain , community cohesion surely these people should be helping out more ? we all know matt gladstone left rotherham for a better job in barnsley council maybe he know these problems could not be fixed ?after all cllr roger stone washed his hands on the eastwood issues maybe the problems were too big for the leader ?


  2. Ive been a resident of eastwood all my life, yes eastwood has become a dumping ground for everyone these days,. I have seen pickup vans come and dump furniture on the streets and reported it to them they not done nothing then the council blame the residents and landlords for the mess this is not on. I blame the council for not policing of whats happening in this area. Look the council are playing a very clever game here this is propaganda at the highest level which they should be ashamed about. There used to be a camera on hatherley rd, never any trouble or illegal dumping, then the council decide to take it down now you start to seeing all the mess again. And who they target is the residents again im not saying were angels but they need to know who is really making this mess.. the council needs to its house in order and get out of there air conditioned offices and tackle this problem head on by catching these illegal flytippers.


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