8 thoughts on “Kevin Barron features again!

  1. David Laws obviously has friends in higher places. I could never understand why he wasn’t prosecuted. But then again I probably can.

    I agree with McSHane being jailed. But ther article has it right. One rule for MP’s anothr for Ministers.


    • What about Jackie Smith who was the home secretary who had a grace and favour mansion, but was claiming 20K a year for a room in her sisters house. Can anybody tell me whether Kevin still lives in his constituency, because I was informed he only has a flat here now and his main residence is else where.


  2. Agree entirely. Laws was a government minister before his resignation from the front bench, now he’s back again!
    I recall Lord Mandy not being sent down either for his fiddling and fraud.
    Perhaps (Sir) Kev thought that by stabbing his fellow MP in the back he would appear as a more honest and upright man, just the thing to impress his supporters yet the question remains; what has (Sir) Kev done for his constituents after all his years in parliament?
    Not A Lot.


  3. There is a small letter in last Fridays Advertiser from a guy who during the miners strike worked at Treeton pit. He says that Sir Nutkin visited them during this time and all he spoke about was alternative fuels; suppose it makes a change from talking about himself. The point is though that it shows how much he was concerned about people, it goes along side his remarks made when Maltby pit was closing; ” it doesn’t matter most of the miners don’t come from Maltby.”

    Dave Smith


  4. His feeble attempt at defending himself in this week’s advertiser was embarrassing. He just doesn’t seem to get why people are fed up of him! Instead of attacking his constituents for raising questions about his moral compass, why doesn’t he do something for the elderly, unemployed, poor or disabled in Rother Valley? No he is much more concerned with pharmacies and pharmaceutical big wigs! Kevin how will prostituting your position in parliament amongst international drug companies help those mentioned above? Also, when will he answer the question about the £1000 expenses receipt for that dubious company?


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