Eastwood – Litany of failure?

Eastwood and the many problems that blight the area and make life intolerable for most who live there, have been recently featured on Rotherham Politics.

Leadership is required to address all of the challenges, but this appears sadly lacking from RMBC!

Eastwood – More Labour Embarrassment?

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Our thanks go to the supplier of these photos, these will be the last in this series, thanks to everyone who sent pics in sorry there was not enough space to put them all up. One of them must be … Continue reading

Eastwood – even more picture evidence!

Our thanks go to the supplier of this YouTube contribution: For those who wish to see similar try clicking here.

Eastwood – more picture evidence!

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Another picture of a rental property in Eastwood. The evidence mounts up: Our thanks go to the supplier of these pictures, has anyone else got similar? Be grateful if you would send it in, Rothpol. Our photographer makes the following … Continue reading

Eastwood – problem in one picture?

This gallery contains 2 photos.

This photo was taken less than  a week ago, of a rental property in Eastwood. It would appear to be quite typical of the problem that afflicts the area: Our thanks go to the supplier of this picture, has anyone … Continue reading

RMBC Landlord licensing consultation

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RMBC Landlord licensing consultation: This particular issue has set off quite a lot of anguish for some. We will be reporting on this and other related issues as the information comes in during 2014!

Eastwood – Reflections from a Conservative perspective

Litter infested streets, houses crying of depravity and a sense of failure and misfortune. That’s how it feels walking the streets of Eastwood these days. Personally speaking, I don’t recognise this section of Rotherham any more. For a brief period … Continue reading

Eastwood – Roger Stone in denial?

Eastwood’s problems burst out on the airwaves this morning, on BBC Radio Sheffield. Toby at breakfast listen here. Main section on Eastwood starts 00:49. Roger has certainly upset Maurice Kirk and the Eastwood community, it would seem?

Those in need of holding to account, include:

Shaukat Ali is a Borough Councillor for Rotherham East which includes Eastwood and he will be looking to be re-elected in May’s Local elections! One would have thought that might provide sufficient motivation for him to take a close interest in Eastwood and it’s many problems?

The other two jokers are Emma Wallis who seems not to be interested and Barry Dodson who would seem too preoccupied with harassing the neighbours to his money making little operation, called Kazoku!

This tweet appeared this afternoon, is this what taking an interest consists of these days?:

Twit Emma Wallis 2014-01-27

Declaration of Interests, Shaukat Ali as a pdf

6 thoughts on “Eastwood – Litany of failure?

  1. it seams that the problems in eastwood are “only in eastwood so it dont matter ” how many of the readers went to to first selective licensing consultation at the town hall on friday ?? i did , form what i was told by rmbc , the room was packed early on in the day with very angry landlords against this scheme , “heated” was the word used . on friday a landlord in eastwood moved his tenants away from eastwood to …broom valley ! why , is it because no scheme has been spoke of there yet ? just wait till it kicks off there , and the rest of rotherham for that matter .


  2. Eastwood and it’s problems have been ignored for too long. Everyone blames everyone else but themselves, until finally, we end up with this nightmare. I suspect the Selective Landlord Licensing Scheme would not have been necessary, if those with responsibility had shown leadership in the first place? I suppose it is too much to hope for this to change any time soon? We shall see!


  3. I have spoken with Cllr Wallis & Dodson about these issues and they assure me all relevant problems such as fly tipping, graffiti and litter are picked up.

    There was a suggestion that RMBC Streetpride Champions who do not live in the Rotherham Borough have a secondary stake in ensuring Eastwood looks and feels great. I have sent asked the RMBC Leader, Cllr Stone for clarification on this point.

    I might live in Conisbrough but spend the majority of my time in Rotherham and don’t feel this comment is helpful.


  4. good luck with the leader , he turned his back on the residents some time ago and passed the job to the top boys in rmbc, as far as the council knowing about the flytipping etc… yes we know but what are they doing about it ??


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