The Rotherham Politics Manifesto

Thought it might prove useful to revisit, the Rotherham Politics Manifesto.

Rotherham Politics was started to open up political scrutiny, using the many tools* that are now available to us on the web. Politics is moving on-line and we will be there to report on developments.

Recent changes have opened up to citizens an enormous amount of new and detailed information, that may be used to scrutinise those elected to conduct the ‘peoples business’, from National Government down to parish councils!

The sole purpose of this web site is to effectively scrutinise local elected representatives. This is largely a web only operation. Rotherham Politics gathers together the work of many individuals, to whom we are most grateful, in a way that make us more than the sum of all of our parts.

This site is distinctly non-aligned politically. We believe that all legal political opinion is valid and has a right to be heard!

All opinions expressed, it should be remembered, may be subject to critical review and debate.

The approach is to be objective, if necessary, critical but fair. We will at times be blunt and controversial to stimulate discussion.

Rotherham Politics is not responsible for the views of contributors, nor for the content that this site links to. Simple abuse is not acceptable and will be removed.

Should you feel we have failed in this, or have treated someone unfairly, please contact us as below, we will consider your views and respond promptly! We reserve the right to publish all correspondence when a correction/or completion is required.

We welcome input from all readers, please send an email or leave a comment on any post that takes your fancy.

If you are interested in contributing directly as an author on this site please contact us.

Finally, Rotherham Politics hopes that eventually many other blogs will get going. Rothpol believes every Town and City in the land will benefit from this. If you fancy a go at accountability blogging and don’t know how to go about it, be happy to receive an email or a call!

Ways to get in touch:

Phone: 01709580150
Mobile: 07878540288

If ‘snail mail’ is your preference, a postal address can be supplied for you to send us stuff.

Previous host for Rotherham Politics

*I refer here to the numerous collaboration tools, that enable groups of like minded people to operate both in private and across geographically distant areas, as we have in Rotherham

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