7 thoughts on “Blow to Rotherham’s Green Belt?

  1. I always thought RMBC gave up very easily around Anston and Dinnington and wouldn’t be surprised if they build 3K of house around here, using stealth methods.


    • RMBC knew they were low balling the inspector when they compiled the report and it will surprise no one that they have been told to up the figures. I am not against building houses but the developers aren’t interesting in doing the right thing they want to go straight to the greenbelt sites and contrary to what the lying councilors say the houses will not be affordable for local people, they are executive bunny rabbit hutches for people moving out of Sheffield. We still won’t have improvements to our local facilities, RMBC and their developer friends want to build and run, leaving us with congested roads and less countryside to enjoy.


  2. This could be interesting…………………………………
    The Independent Planning Inspector ‘strongly recommends’ RMBC adds 3000 extra new homes to the Local plan.
    Ed Milliband said today a Labour government will build more new homes.

    Q1; Where is the extra land to build more houses?
    Q2: Will RMBC and Milliband snatch more greenbelt land to build on?
    Q3: Why have there not been any discussions on erecting modern flat pack homes which are cheaper to build, have good insulation values and can be built in 7-10 days?
    q4: Where will the required extra water come from and how many roads will have to be dug up to lay bigger sewage pipes?

    Answers on a postcard to Labour HQ. The person with the first correct answer wins a free burial at sea with a politician of his/her choice.


  3. Colin
    You are spot on with that our infrastructure will just not stand this sort of extra loading
    If it is we need the amount of housing they say we do through out the country
    Then the only common sense answer is to build new towns like they did with Milton Keys and Corby.
    To me that’s the only real workable solution


  4. Before we have any more new houses in Anston, we need a civic centre, comprehensive school and various other amenities. Which leaves no room to build on the green belt, or we will have no land left to grow food or walk on.


  5. Watch out for the change of plans with regards to Dinnington Miners Welfare, instead of grabbing a part of it they will want to build on all of it. CISWO the land grabbers will be very happy to sell it, and this will definitely will not be affordable housing; with the vista it has it will be expensive housing. Areas like the welfare need to be protected.

    Dave Smith


  6. Why doesn’t RMBC consider filling all the empty housing in the area first, before they start building on greenbelt, and what happened to let’s consider building on brown belt first. They are just a bunch of cowardly councillors who do not even care what local residents think!!!!!!


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